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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on March 18th

The astral sign of Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Aquamarine

You possess a great resilience for life, and you tend to pick self up quite fast after hardships. You show great emotional as well as spiritual strength which helps you with lessons life has to offer to you, and if you are successful in learning from each situation you encounter, than you have a great potential to rise above and inspire people.

Your resilience comes from your childhood times, and it is not by chance but rather with determination and willpower that you became who you are today, and with your wide diverse talents and intelligence you are well equipped for success ahead. You have a nose for those golden opportunities and a very optimistic outlook. But see all of these senses and talents can not outweigh your drive to move faster and faster in your life pace. You always have your eye and foot few steps in the future, rushing towards your goals, forgetting the most important thing in life. Relationships with people around you.

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To reach the goal you need support systems and people are there admiring your every move and want to contribute to it, but you do have a tendency to focus on self and goal so much that you hurt or step on people on the way. When in such focus and steps in the future you tend to overlook the details of projects, and that is where those people are oh so important for you. Allowing them to remind you, to share their outlooks with you means gold in time as well as success level.

Later on in life you do tend to slow down and enjoy your life a bit more than at earlier age. But it is important you do not have to build relationships just now, so all of you who are still young as you read this, do make time for your loved ones, do create that trusting circle of people you will make time for to listen. All the rewards and successes you achieve do not outweigh the fulfilling emotion personal relationships give you.

But never the less, no matter the path, always cherish your remarkable resilience and spiritual strength as well as your endless positivism for the world to always be better tomorrow. It is a great motivation to always look ahead for good things to happen. And good things happen to those who expect it. Stay generous, always. And use your resourcefulness as it will take you places you know you are destined to go.


You are attracted to those bit riskier relationships, the ones with a bit of a danger spice in it. But the bottom line is you just like people that present challenge mentally as well as emotionally. With all the demands and perks you come into the partnership, once you settle and commit you really fit in well, and you give as much as you get and with much loyalty.


You love to live life, and that reflects on your health, so in general I would say you are in a quite good health. But do make sure you take the time to relax and let go of the steam on regular basis. Healthy nutrition is one of those things you should think about, as your quick pace of life does require you to eat quick and sometimes not the best quality food. So make time to sit down and eat slow as much as you can. Exercise is important, and in your case team sports will do you good as it provides environment where you can unwind as well as socialize and at same time make sure your physical body stays in good shape.


Your ability to see the bigger picture in situations makes you a great mediator, negotiator or arbitrator. Your resilience to life can also serve you well in careers of entertainment or politics. You may as well be drawn to business world.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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