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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on June 4th

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Agate

You are really a smart cookie, you love to acquire knowledge, that is a way you nourish your mind, as well as the path to your success. You thrive in circumstances where you learn in actual settings and gain your own experience. Needless to say you are an eternal student, chasing after knowledge.

That focus on learning and chasing after new projects to gain more experience is a good path to go on as long as you can maintain cool mind about it, which in your case is quite hard. You have expectations that are quite hard to live up to, especially as every time you set your mind on a project you tend to follow it through, and anything or anyone interrupting the process can get you very angry. That set mind and no room for error though hinders your flexibility and with that your possibility for success becomes much less prominent.

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In your life it is extremely important for you to place focus on your emotions. Knowing what is emotionally satisfying to you is incredibly important, as it helps you determine your next steps and helps you find better opportunities. Besides, if you neglect your emotional aspect of life and chase down work projects you may end up very unhappy with your life as work is not the centre stage when it comes to reviewing life’s accomplishments.

Once you gain your self-confidence, which naturally comes in later years, after figuring out emotional as well as working balance, you show more of your organizational skills as well as your dominant leadership skills. Although you are a bit more comfortable as being just a member of the team for the most part, your valuable skills are noticed and respected.


Love is sensual is feeling is emotional expression. So you need to learn to step away from your workaholic tendencies and allow yourself to open up emotionally and go in the whole relationship with whole self feeling your way into it.


Your number one priority should be to learn to relax and unwind a bit, and take the time for your body and nourishing it. Taking care of your feeding schedule along with healthy food intake and than getting plenty of active exercise preferably on daily basis will help you with relaxing your mind and keeping your body and immune system in good order.


Teaching or researching is definitely the career you will most likely appreciate most, especially as your nature dictates your appetite for knowledge. But for those of you that manage to open up and get in touch with your emotional side and discover your creativeness, music, art, dancing or even acting will most likely take the centre stage in career. But the ones of you who will most of your life prefer to work in a team using your constant need for more experience, more knowledge, careers in sales or marketing, even journalism may particularly be appealing.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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