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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on June 2nd

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Agate

You have a thing for complicated situations. There is just something about the heavy vibe and how to untangle it, you like intense situations like you work awesome under pressure. After all your analytical abilities are great. Knowing you love doing it one can only assume your own life is not trouble free, as you kind of attract it but not in a bad way, you just take any hick-up in your way and nit pick at it. And if you find yourself not having issues, you will find them in other people for the sake of resolving it.

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Your quick thinking and organized cool mind in times of crisis is the most welcome ability in times when things go really wrong, to the point of absolute crisis. You just love the challenge crisis present and with that said, can be seen as total life saviour. But looking at the bigger picture, that tendency can make your personal life quite bumpy and unsettling, always occupied with tension and the need to resolve something.

As much as your ability to resolve the unresolvable is great in absolutely any way, you must also understand most people appreciate smooth sailing and if there is no issue there they just want it to all work out smooth, but you, you tend to find the issue even if there is none, and that can get you a total unpopularity vote from many. Especially if your tendency is prominent in workplace where you work in a team.

Your attention to problems more likely than not sways you from getting to know who you really are underneath this tendency. And later on in life the need to know yourself amplifies, pushing you to discover your true potential, what drives you and what fulfills you.


You may have a hard time finding the perfect partner for yourself, and the reason may be that you want to bend everyone to your liking, and to get them use to cycles of finding issues and resolving them at all times. People do not like that, so instead you should find balance in calm and peaceful lifestyle for the sake of successful relationship. Eventually you do find the perfect match who loves you for who you are and understands your tendencies, but even they will have their limits, so refrain from creating tension and issues for the sake of excitement, I mean as exciting as it is for you, people really do not enjoy constant tension at all.


The solution to this problem is quite simple, after all it is hard to see your own problems for what they are, and you can nit pick all you want, here in health department the key is strength, persistency and determination. Lifestyle change or at least mentality change when it comes to food helps a bunch. Healthy diet means fresh fruits and veggies, and foods preferably made from scratch. If you stick to that rule, over time you will no longer miss the fatty and sugary foods which are as obviously you know not the healthiest food around. Also you should get a regular exercise in place, preferably on daily basis will help you keep your body in shape and help with metabolism. But knowing your mind is in constant overdrive, you do need to consciously take it upon yourself to relax, empty your mind and rest or sleep whichever, as long as you get plenty of rest.


You are total problem solver, so careers in research or science are going to most likely be very successful and absolutely luring to you. But than also negotiation is one of those things you even know for yourself will thrive in. And than there are also careers in sales for example, or counselling. And for those of you who prefer to go in direction of more artistic creativity, acting is quite along the lines of where you can express yourself.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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