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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on June 27th

The astral sign of Cancer, ruled by the planet Moon – the intuitive, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Pearl

You are very strongly set into your own convictions, rules and beliefs. And when people criticize or argue with your point of view you are quite capable of defending your stand, even more so you are very capable of convincing people to look your way. You have a competitive nature and that may be the force behind you never putting up with anyone who dares to oppose you.

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You are fiercely confrontational when it comes to protecting what you believe in, but even more so when it comes to protecting the people that can not stand up for themselves. Your goal is to somehow affect social norms and improve the situations you find lacking. You do not however take well other people’s opinion and will rather criticize them instead, even if what they offer is good. But in a way you like the sound of your own voice and do not let yourself jump off the defying horse. You can be extremely inflexible in your approach, and will rather withdraw than allow anyone set the note of your proceedings.

Important for you is to be as opened and as flexible in mind as possible. Single-mindedness will not serve you well long term, and will on top of it all deprive you of opportunities that could lead to happiness and success. Try and be more accommodating and listen to people’s opinions, after all you do not have to take them as your own, but it will surely help you understand them better and make it easier for you to guide and help them.


You make a loyal and devoted partner, and let’s not forget caring and loving as well. After all you are a very warm and friendly person when you set your attention to people you want in your life. Your sensitivity to feeling attacked intellectually can get in the way at times, so focusing on the positive attention attempted your way should be taken as such without any doubt or defensive mode – or it costs you your relationships.


Your inflexible mind and tendency to be in defence mode all the time does take its toll on your body as well as mind. And with that said it does affect your health. Healthy diet is a huge must as well as finding the right balance with vitamin intake to keep immune system as well as hormones in good working condition. You do however need to be quite open to different foods and keep changing the combinations to achieve results. Some mild exercise, for example simple walk in the park on fresh air will benefit you from both aspects as well.


Your tendency to improve social quality or situation, will most likely be the reason you will be pulled in careers of nursing, teaching, therapy or even charity, or given your quite intelligent thinking a way to make a change can also me a mix of talent and pleasure and will result in career of music, art, even acting. Rarely but not really excluding, some of you may even consider politics.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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