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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on June 1st

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Agate

You are a chatty and entertaining individual everyone wants to keep around, your fun nature brings joy to anyone no matter whether chatty or not.

You like to go from one project or subject to the other in a very routinely manner. You do not have patience or interest in details, you find them boring and time consuming. However your interest in human behaviour always remains great. So your life in a way is observing and imitating styles you like on others hoping to achieve the same range of success they do. And I can not say you are wrong, as when you feel good about what you are doing, you achieve great things.

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All this life chasing and play pretends do bring a good side to achievements, but than you forget of you, who you are, what your talents are, what your heart desires to achieve on its own. Desires of your own instead of others.

Your positive energy is quite infectious, it attracts many admirers. And yet your overall interest in people’s lives is a bit superficial, meaning you drift from one to the other. And this behaviour has a bit deeper meaning than just being superficial. You experience uncertainty and confusion over what your emotions are and what you want for yourself.

So to sum it up, you are very interested in human behaviour, but tend to not go into details about it, and yet love to mimic the behaviour you see on the surface to reach the success you see in others, and yet after all of the interest and observations you tend to avoid getting to know your true emotions, thoughts and desires. And by avoiding getting in depth with yourself you also avoid finding your true potential, true gifts and abilities.


You have many admirers as I said before, but knowing you is not an option for everyone, as you will not give people a chance. To let that special person in you need to feel secure and enthusiastic about life you share with that person, if you get bored you will not stay. You have a tendency to be attracted to complicated people as they ignite the spark in your curiosity, but there is a need for them to be very confident in self, as that is one thing you really admire on people.


Eating healthy is a way to keep your immune system healthy and strong, adding vitamin additives will help you maintain balance. Also getting as much fresh air as you can manage on daily basis is a must, even if you have to or can balance it with regular exercise involving time spent outside. This combination of healthy diet and exercise is especially important as your lifestyle is one of those fast pace tracks, where you barely get the change to take a breath to relax your mind, which is a welcome thing to do despite no time, as it will allow for clearer mind and less stress in your life!


Your communication skills and the interest in human nature serves you well in careers as psychologist or politics, also marketing or media. But being artistic, for those of you who actually allow yourself to dig deeper, you will find careers in writing, music or even acting extremely rewarding.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

Psychic Clairvoyant

Judita Tanko is a Psychic Clairvoyant. She’s been aware of her gift since she was 6. As you go into a reading she never knows what information is going to come forth, once you ask a question the flow starts happening and she will tell you all she sees, hears, senses etc.

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