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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on June 12th

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Agate

You are one jolly human. You like the idea of going through life with optimistic views and strong belief system of good, and that combination actually inspires people around you and helps you motivate them to change for the better.

You have a sensitive side for people and will always support people when support is needed especially when there is a question of achieving goals. And you do not give people false hope, as your positive approach is tempered by a healthy dose of realism. Things in your mind are not to be made perfect but to be better, it is not about about doing things for people, but rather about helping people help themselves.


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You can not stand when your life is not in movement, you will always find ways to push yourself to the limits, no matter where path takes you, whether it be breaking new grounds, or just learning new language, you will always promote movement in your life.

People may sometimes find you very superficial due to your constant movement – as it can appear quite fleeting. But underneath there are conflicts and issues you do try to figure out. You do not however allow that to disturb your overall cheerful exterior.

Later on in life your confidence grows and your skills and abilities are recognized. Challenging yourself intellectually and emotionally becomes the centre stage focus, as once you learn to understand yourself you gain the wisdom to understand others as well.


When you focus on yourself and your emotional awareness your ability to understand what you want and what you wish for yourself becomes clearer. After all you need to learn to love yourself first, or at least bits and pieces of yourself before you can actually love someone else. You pair yourself well with someone who is as intelligent and positive as you, but need to learn to give yourself wholly into the relationship as that is the only way you will manage to love fully and be loved fully as well.


Your positive attitude to life serves you very well, and you are highly aware of importance of healthy, fresh, diverse diet in order to maintain your health. But add a daily moderate exercise on your schedule as it will help you maintain a healthy metabolism and boost your immune system. And if your regular exercise does not give you the time you need to relax and think, than try adding fresh air walks to your routine to quiet your mind and relax, it will help you keep focus.


Life coaching, motivational speaker, anything along the lines of positive reinforcements is a great career for you jolly individuals. You may like a variety of different careers given your interest diversity. You will drive yourself to success in any career that complements your sense of adventure or organizational skills. For example careers in administration, travel, acting, music, even physical work.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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