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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on June 11th

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Agate

You are all about expanding your limits and new experiences, you are very perceptive person who always strives for new knowledge. The optimistic and ambitious individual you are, you also have the discipline that helps you see things through with precise and strength.

That discipline shows its true light especially when you set your goals for one specific area you attempt to work on. And with time, patience and especially the willingness to get your hands dirty for the attempt of reaching the goal people really appreciate your cooperation and want you on their side.

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You have this enthusiasm for life and the will to chase after huge breakthroughs in life, you are not really willing to put your attention to those who lack the same enthusiasm, especially if they are negative in their thinking or even worse depressed. And it is for a very simple reason, you connect success with positive reinforcements, and you associate the slightest inkling of negativity with failure. And you always aim for excellence so the importance of positivity in your proximity is almost like the law in your mind.

For that very need for positive attitude around you, you are mostly found pushing boundaries of own lifestyle to highest perspective possible. But your constant strive for more and more and always more can be extremely exhausting to people around you, so that may push you into isolation at times. Not everyone is about growth above all else.

Later on in life, when you become much more self-confident that tendency to transform everyone else’s life as well as yours kind of takes a bit of a back seat and understanding takes the centre stage for you. Meaning your aggressive approach to change people kind of transforms into allowing them to show you contrast and effect your push can have if applied wrong. And that recognition does allow you to reach for much higher goals and great changes in life.


You can come across as quite a dual personality when it comes to love. You care for people close to you, you want to nurture and protect them, but the charming appeal of the world around you can swipe you off your feet and divert your attention from what is important to you in privet life. You pair yourself best with someone who is very intelligent and knows how to be around you, as they need to attract your attention and at same time give you lots of personal space, but in it all still make you feel secure and loved.


You do not really take your time for healthy diet, you have this habit of quick feed at all times. Well it does not really serve the purpose of healthy life. There are all sorts of ways to prep your healthy meals upfront so they fit your busy lifestyle, you just need to put some effort into it. And that effort will be well placed considering your life can get chaotically busy and you tend to forget about your bodily needs which can result in disease that you do not have the time for. So in a way although you are quite prone to obsessions, this one can be a good one, obsessing with healthy meals on time with regular daily exercise and some relaxation in fresh air will make the perfect balanced routine your lifestyle will appreciate.


Your appetite for knowledge is a foundation for careers in science, which is one of the few that has your attention. But than with your versatility and communication skills you would also be drawn to careers in social work – although it may not be your first choice, but the drive you have to infect people with positive thinking is a good one, and the career along the lines of same intent would also be in politics or law. You would also succeed in careers of business, or on more artistic side painting or acting even music.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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