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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 3rd

The astral sign of Cancer, ruled by the planet Moon – the intuitive, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Pearl

You love to observe the world around you, as you love to approach it very philosophically. You will take your time and kind of observe and survey it almost, until you come to a conclusion. Your mind is quite rational on things, the more info you gather much easier it is for you to handle your emotional responses.

In general retrospect you do wish for the world to be a better place, however being so rational you have this belief that emotions can hinder people’s objectiveness and progress in life, so you choose to prefer hide your emotions. And even with your love for observing people, you try staying detached from getting to emotionally involved, you believe that helps you avoid clouding your judgment. And with that you believe you can be much more effective.
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Your presentation on the outside is very calm and mild, and it helps you charm just about anyone, and with that said once you set up your mind on believing in something, your progress toward success is virtually unstoppable, and it goes for convincing and dragging others along as well.

Your genuine interest in what surrounds you is always present. Your curiosity to discover new, different, ground breaking things is fascinating, but it also tends to get you reputation of being quite nosy. See overall being nosy and curious about everything does work in your favour, especially when you combine it with your logic, it kind of not always but most of the times does protect you from people who are constantly doubtful and irritate the crap out of you.


You take time in love to figure out what you want before jumping into any kind of relationship or commitment. Being so rational, sweet talk or seduction does not really work on you too well, you especially hate people who tend to play games with you. At the end of the day once you do pair yourself with the perfect person for you, you really do not have much of an objection to anything they are or do. After all you accept them for who they are as a whole not just what you like.


Food and exercise are not the only two measurements that determine overall health. Although I do recommend sticking to a healthy diet which can easily be maintained even if you go out to eat, and regular exercise routine which can be a simple walk in the park where you can both socialize and get fresh air, and on top of it all you get to check your exercise from the list of must do’s. And why I am saying they are not the only things that take care of overall health is because socializing and allowing people close to you, where you can open up and share your emotions is another way of keeping yourself in optimal overall health. Stuffed emotions play a large role in disease in general. So going out with people for lunch or dinner or exercising with group of people or merely speaking to someone who you let near you enough to share your emotional turmoils will amplify the good feeling and release the tension, which will help tremendously with your health.


Your love for observation of your surroundings and analyzing people around you will be a great fit in careers of psychiatry or psychology or any counselling kind of work, but also medicine. Your imagination can serve you well in careers in artistic field. But than you are also very just, and tend to stay clear of your emotional attachment in order to stay very objective to everything you encounter, which is a quality that would serve you very well in careers in law, management, administration, labour unions, or anything where your strict detachment will prevail as perfect setting.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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