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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 31st

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Ruby

You are that person who shocks everyone with incredible insight and amazing detailed description of people, their situation and emotional state of mind. How you do it is a mystery to people, but part of it could be contributed to your remarkable ability to observe human conditions and fit them properly in the boxes as you do.

You are so observant and thrall, nothing really has the chance to escape your attention, not even your own personality faults. If you find yourself slacking in certain topics or situations, you will be the first to acknowledge it and be quite quick to correct it. Of course your insightful observations do come with a perk of its own, which is your incredible communication skills, which make delivery of sensitive information quite fun and often humorous.

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There will always be those in every sign and day, that will not be totally on the same developmental level as others. And so those of you who are not as comfortable with social interactions are still however opened to sharing your won experiences and interaction, just in a bit different way, so you will often find easier expressing yourself in writing, music or art.

With your drive to explore every aspect of life and what surrounds you and your drive and devotion to your work makes you a big contributor to human knowledge in general. And even though your quest for digging deeper and trying to find the hidden aspect of things and understanding the progressions of situations does not make you a person who would prefer isolation in order to better process your information. You do the total opposite, your mind is in such hyper processing most of the time you can pretty much multitask well. And with that said you just want to share every singled detail you find surrounding your environment or even those that are part of your environment.

You are the person that values work most, and you dive into any challenge wholeheartedly. However, if you do want to find your emotional satisfaction, you will eventually find balance between work and personal life. But above it all, find a way to reprogram the way your think, as it is extremely important, since life begins with thought pattern, so inherit or learn to think positively, and avoid focusing on life as it is, not everything as is should bring up negative aspect.


In love you will benefit most from a relationship with a person who shares your interest, such as artistic and sensitive person, but with a flair for strong work ethics. You in a relationship are a warm and attractive person, who quite often does get what you want, which may quite often end up in total power play. So try and tame your restless nature and go about it with ease and trust.


Healthy diet is extremely important for you, as you are prone to negative focus, so eating light and healthy and getting plenty of exercise on daily basis preferably, will help maintain the psychological boost in itself, and help you feel much more self-secure and focused on the right things at that time. Regular exercise will also help you vent more and clear your head, or at least that is what is the extra beneficial aspect of regular exercise, but also to keep you in group sports for example to and have you socializing in a more relaxed setting.


Science, detective work, journalism or law are all careers that involve highly developed observation and description qualities, which you clearly possess. For example, teaching, management, administration, even politics or medicine or eve art are another few careers you would enjoy in.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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