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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 27th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Ruby

You have authoritative nature with highly developed practical and organizational skills that serve you well in taking charge of situations, people or any demand that presents itself in front of you. You are very dynamic and can morph yourself into any situation needing some structure, organization or even managing and directing. You are highly successful in such endeavours.

Your focus is always in pursuing goals in personal as well as professional world, always in fullness. You will never allow things to be done half way, if things are not done, even when in director’s chair, you will always throw yourself in fully and find the solutions, and most likely do it yourself, just to reach the goals you set and reach them in full perfection. So needless to say you really have determination and dedication to get things done, but beyond all you approach it with a highly professional attitude.

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However strong front you present, the reality behind the front is such that you are really quite vulnerable underneath and it shows in your decision making when it comes to situations in your own personal emotional life. I guess it has always been easiest task to manage other people’s lives, as you are not emotionally involved and can see things for what they really are, and that is ok, as such is the reality for most people anyways. When it comes to our own self and decisions involving our own wellbeing, those decisions whey quite much heavier on us and are approached even by you, in a very hesitant and indecisive way.

Because it is so hard for you to decide on your own beneficial pathways for career moves or personal development, it is extremely important to become a bit more analytical and practical in order to be more efficient with decision making for yourself. Keep in mind you are a natural born leader with such creative potential. You just need to learn to allow it to play a role in your own psychological growth as well as emotional fulfillment. Follow your emotional demands and put effort in connecting to yourself in order to understand yourself better.


In love relationship it may serve you better if you refrain from being too possessive and temperamental, well temperamental may still work as long as you allow your partner to have their own opinion and you do not necessarily always overpower them in decisions regarding your common path. Overall however you are rather giving, loving and always ready to do new and different things with your partner. You in general in relationship rather show your affection by simply doing things for your partner rather than talk about it.


Structure in life serves your health well. So you should put emphasis on your schedule from meal preparations down to exercise and rest even. This way you will feel like you are fully in control and that makes you happy. Regular exercise is important for you to keep your body in good shape. Being on such high alert all the time may also result in sudden episodes of depression, which is nothing major if you approach it with a good healthy diet to keep your hormonal levels in good balance and of course with a support of counsellor maybe as well, to lessen the risk of being stuck in depression.


You have quite an artistic potential if you are keen on developing it. However any career in leading roles will be a successful one with the challenge you need to be highly proactive. But just for the taste, some careers you may be attracted to are administration, management, law, public relations, sales, even design. You may also find yourself in
computer technology world.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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