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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 26th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the teacher, with birth stone of Ruby

You have the confidence in self unlike anyone. When trying to assess or judge situations or people, you have zero doubt in yourself, and your opinion is just about the only one in a way that counts to you, and you do a very impactful job at sharing your opinions with people, and you do expect them to respect and acknowledge it as well.

With your way of presenting your opinions or information, people tend to listen quite well, as you have this dominant and authorial way of saying things. And you do not waste time speculating on multiple subjects, you mainly just focus on your few interests which you explore and experience before sharing your opinion on them. So I guess I could say only the subjects you can rightfully judge based on personal experience. After all you do not support or respect information that has been fabricated truth in a sense. And people trust your information is always valid blunt truth for that same belief you have, no matter how harsh it sounds or how hard it is to hear it.

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There are times when you come up with quite the insight, and for that people really lean towards your words much more, even to the point where they hold you high in their opinions, and you like it that way. But being content with it and sticking to it can sometimes backfire as it makes your world and ways you approach things quite inflexible and that can hinder you. So make sure you keep your spontaneity as very high essential feature you possess, and proudly stick to your strong perceptions. As if you start chasing after respect and admiration before all else, you will loose touch with yourself and your reputed sincerity and truth loving nature can be affected.

There definitely is such thing as over-confident self, which becomes like a diversion from your sensitive self and results in loss of interest for other people’s emotions. Keep that valid self going strong and allow it to remain on the surface of yourself, and use intelligently and passionately your authoritative strategies.


You pair yourself best with someone who brings out your youthful and playful energy, but is also bold and brave enough to present you with situations as they are, not afraid they would poke you the wrong way. Overall though you are a romantic and loving individual, with firm convictions that make your partner feel secure and self-assured around you.


You are a very energetic and active individual, that highly benefits from physical exercise, but most of you would have been involved in some sort of exercise routine as is, but for those who are not yet in such routine, you would highly benefit from it, not only for the benefit of keeping your body in shape, but also for venting purposes, which do help you achieve mental break each time. Being extremely social also means you need to satisfy the need for it, which additionally helps you take care of your emotional and psychological wellbeing. However as far as diet is concerned, make sure your excitement for new and adventurous foods does not involve you going overboard. Find the food that corresponds to your body in a beneficial way, without keeping it in digestive cramp, and try and eat as light and in good proportions to maintain the good flow through your body.


You love the spotlight, the admiration and attention, so I suppose is needless to say your success would be great in careers such as media, acting, performing arts in general I suppose. But also with your ability to shoot straight and bold, and love to guide people in different directions you feel is right for them, you would be great in careers of counselling, public relations, lecturing, psychology. Some of you prefer the business water more, and there is a leading role in it that is luring you strongly.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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