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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 23rd

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Mercury – the communicator, with birth stone of Ruby

You are a sensitive and warm person who is always present for people who need a shoulder to cry and lean on. You have a tendency to help people discover and resolve their inner conflicts, and guide them to progression. And it is not just a friend based situation, you will find anyone who shows up in your presence to have a need to share their situation and you will help them on the way out of the twist, may it be business or personal situation. I guess I could also call it a lifestyle, but you will commit an extensive amount of energy towards the cause.

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Of course your ultimate intention is really just try and get everyone freed from their doubts and fears, to enhance their fortune. And that is a very selfless deed which is recognized by others and respected greatly. And it shows in people constantly stopping by and chatting with you, just to keep you updated and it could be office or home location.

So we established that you are genuinely supportive and warm person, but you also have a quick mind, and are always bursting with creativity and ready to learn new things. But than when it comes to your own emotional turmoils you tend to avoid expressing it or dealing with it. Which is not the smartest thing to do, as your emotions do have a story to tell as well, and can often assist in understanding and helping other people’s problems to get sorted easier. Besides one grows through own emotional turmoils and can have a better grip on help from own experiences.

Take yourself out of helping all the time and learn to pay attention to your own emotions, and try to accommodate yourself first before trying to liberate everyone else on your own account. That way you will have more time to develop your creativity more and grow more into yourself with confidence and strength.


You need to be quite cautious or a bit picky when choosing your partner, especially since you attract many many admirers based on your approaches and openness. You have to find the kind of person who is ready to give as much as they get, after all you give unconditionally and giving but not receiving affection and attention back in same or similar amount can very well be a downhill ride for you. So cautiously find that perfect partner you warm and sensitive individuals well deserve.


Make sure your diet consists of healthy foods rich with vitamins and minerals, and that it is as nutritional as possible, but as you prepare it make sure you do not overreact with fat, salt or any other additives you may think off. Explaining this far I take it you understood processed food is a big no no in your diet. And taking into consideration the overall bodily functions, it is extremely important for you to focus on adding exercise to your everyday routine. As firstly it helps your body keep a vital and smooth way to digest food properly and keep in shape as well, and secondly it helps your mind to get a good vent and distraction from emotional turmoil building up, given you interact with people needing help all the time, and you do tend to take it upon yourself to resolve their issues and negative tendencies. However counselling may be a good path to go on, as it would help you get in touch with your emotional needs and teach you relaxation.


You give much to society and love to feel wanted, so careers you would absolutely thrive in are ones in medicine, teaching, social work, politics even, maybe military and police force as well. But on the other hand you love the freedom working for yourself brings, and in that retrospect you may like to incorporate your creative touch and innovativeness, so business or management may appeal as well. However whatever you choose is not going to be far from absolute success, as you have the ability to reach the highest goals given your patience, persistency and sensitivity to details.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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