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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 13th

The astral sign of Cancer, ruled by the planet Moon – the intuitive, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Pearl

You are a total risk taker, with quite a resilience for life. There is quite little in this life that can take you down, you will always bounce back. You have firm belief in your imagination and creativity, in your mind things are always in motion and are bound to happen, after all it does not matter how many different ways you have to try and fail, there will always be another way.

You are fearless in anything life throws at you, you are very action oriented and will not take a back seat for anything, after all there is this irresistible urge to reach your goals and you have all you need to go for it. Your sharp mind and originality is the energy that jumps at every and any adventurous opportunity coming your way, making you totally proactive at all times. And what is fascinating about you is, the refusal to give up. In life things we try are bound to backfire at some point, and yet your willingness to open up to alternatives really increases the chances of success.

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You are a very confident person, which allows you to take actions, risks, jumps into unknown. And that is kind of your natural ability that heightens the success rate in well just about anything you are willing to expand to. There will be those of you who have a bit lower self-esteem which is kind of the result of low self-belief, but that can easily be changed if you just change your thoughts, and it is much easier to do so if you just get back in the making of whatever you feel you are good at, after all failures are merely a learning curve.

It is later on in life that your self-doubt rather gets to you, I guess it is the years of falls in the making, but if you choose to look at the goals you have reached and remain positive about it, your creativity will never cease to exist.


Life is simple, but than comes love, right? You are quite uncomfortable with various things “love”. In general you are so action-oriented you may actually enjoy a bit more complicated approach needed to actually reach someone with words and gestures. But the winning someone over part fades away quickly and than you may get quite bored in the relationship, but that may also be a bit of a indecisiveness going on, after all you do need to think long and hard what you do want in this area of life.


Great changes in life or your lifestyle pace can contribute quite drastic changes in your overall health, that goes not only for bodily condition but also mental condition. Work on your diet and add plenty of fresh, various food into your everyday meals, schedule them accordingly and add some needed vitamins and minerals to the mix as well. After all strong and properly functional immune system will help you keep your mental health in order as well. But keeping a healthy, regular and moderate exercise routine will complement your diet, but also keep your digestive system in great working condition as well as help with clearing your mind and in some cases or forms of exercise even improve the relaxation you very much need.


Performers or artists of different techniques or even social workers, and counsellors, you are a fast moving individual who loves to stay engaged and keep the flow going. But you also love to share your enthusiasm, learn new things and teach others to do same, so also teaching or sales, or even public relations may be a great fit for you, and for some of you more into adventure in business entrepreneurship may be much more fitting career.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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