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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 12th

The astral sign of Cancer, ruled by the planet Moon – the intuitive, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Pearl

You are kind of dual nature type of person. You can be as sweet and empathetic as it gets, with the sensitive emotional reaction to everyone around you, or on the other hand as direct and demanding, that it is hard to tear away from your compelling urge to initiate your forceful convincing skills. You are however not at all a pushover, sure you do have the tendency to influence the lives of others, and it can be as annoying as ever, but that is not always a bad thing. After all if you use it in the right and positive way, you have the potential to encourage others to grow and live independently.

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Even though you do not like earning yourself the reputation of controlling individual, you can sometimes just not avoid the label. You are very insightful, you can see through the toughest of them, but than you are also very capable individual. And where you really hit the nail on the head is with your stubbornness, but that again is not the negative situation, after all it helps your determination and persistency at times when you are chasing after successful goal. But lets also not forget your strong will.

You are quite capable of learning to take a few steps back and allow yourself to be happy which only increases your success and happiness. And wanting for everyone else to be on the same page with you, you like to get yourself into guiding people towards your goals, rather than just be the face of inspiration.


You pair yourself best with someone who is kind of your equal in this world. Especially since you tend to take over. Now you are definitely desiring to get a long term commitment, which is far more exciting for you. But despite your desire and preference to long term commitment, you need to maintain your spontaneity and allow your inner strength to take its course in development.


Planning is the key word here in this category. Building up a routine around buying and cooking healthy fresh food is an extremely beneficial experience you may build into a regular routine, which will serve you long term and show positive effect on your body, mind and soul. Adding an exercise routine will help increase the benefits nutrition already supports once established in proper manner. But in overall outlook, what is absolutely necessary for your most optimum health to be established is for you to get your life in order, organize it, so you can actually benefit from piece and quiet.


You are quite an individual, so following the crowd will not work for you. With that said, your fist initial thought may be to work for yourself, whatever the occupation you choose may be. And you may find yourself tangled into politics, social work, counselling, teaching, or for that matter any form of giving advice to people needing help. Now your excellent communication skills can pave your way into careers in sales negotiation, or even promotion.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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