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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on July 10th

The astral sign of Cancer, ruled by the planet Moon – the intuitive, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Pearl

You are very resourceful individual. You like learning from mistakes, but will rarely allow yourself to make a mistake, most of your lessons comes from other people’s mistakes rather than your own. So in a way you can come across as very passive in your actions, but it is because you think your steps through and like to wait for the right timing rather than to make unnecessary steps. Every step is carefully thought through and deemed for success, otherwise you will just not make a move.

You are very observant, noticing everything that is going on around you. Once you shift through data you find relevant for your next move, you set out on a quest quite confident of your background data needed for your flawless success. So there you go, only when you know your goals and know your stamina and dedication. But once on the path, nothing can stop you, your determination is strong and you are supported by your own intellect and organizational skills.

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In general you are a very quick learner, and flexible as well, which makes your process to success even easier. After all if motivation and self-confidence is there your success is inevitable. You also have no problems getting your thoughts across, considering you are quite outspoken, speaking your mind is never an issue, but you do add the sensitive touch to the conversations.

In chasing after your goals, you have no problems devoting your sole attention to the direction you want to go. And you are quite modest in your pursuit as well, always so observant to everyone, allowing them to take the credit.

Your life is often full of changes. People are left in quite a surprise looking at your steps in life. You can make such drastic adjustments to lifestyle as well, that at times you can not even believe things are shifting that way, but at the end of the day you will always brush it off as a well planned strategy.


You are always quite careful about finding partners. You will start sizing them from a mile away, and continue even after you already decide to stick around. But that very feature can make you seem like you are always hiding something, always a mystery. But at the end of the day you need to control your tendency to do so, as you can not be in a commitment doing the exact thing forever, at some point giving in and experiencing love life with all it has to offer is what you should eventually do.


Diet in general should not really be an issue for you, considering you are really quick to observe the negative effects of unhealthy diet. So all you really have to do is just take time and experiment a little bit with a variety of fresh and healthy food to find the right fit for you. But do not let out the intake of vitamins as well, as you need it to complement healthy diet and improve the balance of hormones and strengthen your immune system. Experimenting is a good thing with you especially as you can determine the proper diet and exercise, one that can really fit your lifestyle and you can commit to in the long run. So find your proper exercise as well to enhance the chances of your body to be in the best shape it possibly can.


You know your way with words and have a way with people, so there would be nothing strange in fact that you are drawn to careers as psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, even social worker. But not all of you may feel the need to get involve in people’s lives to that degree, and may be mush more attracted to careers in tourism, photography, writing, artistic works, even acting.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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