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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 8th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the Teacher, with birth stone of Garnet

Life is always about working on yourself until you master your abilities to share with others, or rather teach others. Yours is to recognize the positive in people, and through that recognize positive in you, and once you develop your communication skills to support the knowledge. As you are ready to share the knowledge, you are able to put others at their ease, and to show people that possibilities are always there and to be successful at them, all they have to do is to reach for them with positive attitude and put some work into it.

Being the one who in a way serves people and uplifts them when they are down, shares knowledge with them that they do not possess yet, can sometimes be hard to share when there is no sufficiently grateful response to it. So main thing in being this person you are is for you to learn that giving is unconditional, and universe always rewards. So knowing that should make your mind a bit more at ease with accepting the fact that respect is always given, but it might not be in the way you expect it, which does not make people any less grateful.

To be able to have the audience as you have, means you are respected, and when you have the audience in the level of sharing knowledge you have, you also need to respect the people listening to your knowledge as they are opened to receive it from you. See respect is a two way street, and people needing your wise words are not always in the position to show the overflowing emotion of respect and gratefulness of what you have given them. But that should not be the factor on which you lean on to whey your value.
Your main lesson in life is for sure balancing the giving and receiving. As you need to keep in mind everything always is in a perfect balance, when you give unconditionally. The most valued things you can give are those from which you expect nothing back. I like to say, I am grateful to share my knowledge for a smile on your face, as that tells me, I made a smallest step into your happiness, even if only for a brief second.

You like to know that you are valued and seen. You wish to make an impact on the world with changing even but a smallest piece of flow. And your attitude and energy effect supports your drive. You do have a stunning potential to rise and shine, most of you definitely do make an impact on the world around you. People do acknowledge you and your presence, and you do impress with more than just your knowledge.

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You have the potential to achieve anything you set your mind to, as you are hardworking and courageous, sometimes, well most of the time also forceful, as you definitely know what you want once you put your mind to it. But keep in mind though, there is a charm in balance, as you do have the tendency to overdo things.


You are a family person, and every friend you make along the way that is worthy of your time you treat as family as well. But be careful as your tendency to overdo things, does sometimes reflect on keeping your family and friends prisoners in a way. You like to have their attention and that can sometimes result in feeling smothered. Having a few healthy hobbies will do you good.

You possess a great charm and sensitivity, they serve you amazingly when you deal with people in distress, as your ability to calm them down is almost hypnotic, but you would call it strategically diverting attention. But there is the down side to it, as good as you are with calming other people down, you do have a bit of a struggle with calming your anxiety and insecurity.

The biggest threat to you is your insecurity in more than one way. As much as anxiety levels going up can hurt your collective facade, it is your tendency to wallow in the dark moods that gets the best of you. As you become a bit destructive and demanding. When you find self in that mood is best to try and quickly snap out, as the longer it lingers it just gets to the point of absolute impatience to anyone in your proximity, and the strengths you possess in teaching and uplifting people turn into putting them down.

That is the double side of tipping 8. Always looking for balance between the good and the bad, but the more you experience the shifts, the faster you can detect the changes, and with that you can learn to balance your emotional changes. Keep a healthy dose of interests in hobbies and keep family and friends involved in your path. The healthy dose of both balances you when you need balancing.

The golden rule to those who teach is to keep modest in your achievements, accept the praises and give without expecting anything in return. As you do so, universe always rewards those who give unconditionally, and the circle thrives in flow. You have the strength to give support to people, you have your fair share of experience to talk about, courageously share your drive, forcefully push up those who are down, and make sure you do not scoop to the level of intolerance. As your power to do good would be misplaced.


You are extremely warm and generous in a relationship when you find the right person and you feel secure and safe enough to let your walls down, trust is everything in your world. But you can also be jealous, destructive and controlling when insecure. Work on self is very important, keeping a healthy circle of friends absolutely beneficial.


Healthy and balanced diet you strictly stick to is one of those things you need to implement on your schedule. As you tend to not eat regularly because you tend to overwork yourself and just loose track of time. Exercise might not be a good idea in a way as you do drive yourself to the limit, something of a group sport may be a better fit, as laughing and having fun with it would make for a much better fit to destress.


You do great in areas that challenge your imagination, analytical skills, communication skills, your impact on others, well basically all from art to science, business and even humanitarian work. Born on this day, the drive to achieve your wanted goal is within your reach the moment you set on path to reach it, as your energy and impact applied to it are just so intense that there is no other path but to success. However as intense as you are in reaching your goal, do keep in mind, patience is something you need to apply to this calculation, as if you do not, you will overwork yourself and that may result in loss of precious time or inconvenient setbacks.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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