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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 5th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Mercury-the communicator, with birth stone of Garnet

Your resilient approach to life is inspiring to everyone around you, but it can also be your enemy if you do not put purpose to it. You have the ability to want to move on as fast as possible, you can help people do same, although only once you learn to listen to people around you. Once you find the balance with communications with people, you can become the person to go to in crisis. But the process of learning to balance your true potential and discover who you are is the most important process you go through.

Once you understand what you want from life, and find things that get you really excited, life goes well for you. You surround yourself with people that inspire you and share love of communication and mutual understanding, and although you are a hard person to keep up with, as you love constant changes, you still create unbreakable bond of trust and loyalty.

It is very important in your life to set up the right level of positive thinking and to always strive to surround yourself with positive situations and people. Although you do have to think of impact you have on people as your enthusiasm can feel more like smothering than motivating if you do not keep it on the low. Keep in mind, not everyone is able to grasp that much change and information in a day.

You are very emotionally resilient person, bouncing back from a negative situation is much quicker and more effective than most people are capable of doing. You possess the ability do understand that thinking about the negative situation will do no good, so you strive to move forward as quick as you can, after all the past is best left in the past.

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There is this mature understanding of loss and disappointment being just another part of life’s journey, and that outlook on things makes you seem wise beyond your age. That very attitude makes you for a great leader and your communication skills and values make your whole persona look like a professional at anything you present. You are resourceful, cantered, dedicated and capable of personal sacrifice for the cause you feel of value. You thrive in times of crisis, whether it be your own to resolve or someone else coming to you for help, you will always know how to fix the problem. The only danger in this aspect is, you do get bored if there is an absence of critical situations to resolve.

There is also a secret to you from the outside world prospective. Although you are a master of “moving on”, you are also a very sensitive and intuitive person, who will despite your love of communication and outspokenness keep the emotionally hard to express situations and emotions well to yourself. There is only a handful of people, closest to you that will hear about your deepest turbulent moments you experience.

However despite all the soft side you hide on the inside, your presentation of self on the outside, with your resilient approach to life, it just wins people over, you get well many admirers for that, but keep self grounded as it can get a bit into your head and you tend to get overly optimistic for it, if not even unrealistically optimistic. And that boost of upbeat approach can diminish the communication with minimizing your attention to the concerns of people, and you might come across as superficial. Overconfidence can be as much your downfall as it is your driving force.

Being so flexible is your very best plan of action, but since you do tend to jump from one thing to another, you are better of if you do keep your eyes on a goal and plan of action towards it. All the drifting through life in teenage years and avoiding responsibility and commitment can drag well into your older years if you do not master the lessons to set goals and stick to plans you make along the way, and until you figure out the path, you will not feel fulfilled. Finding that focus will let you express your true self and make you feel powerful in your own progress.


You really love your communication strategies, and for that you are drawn by intelligence as you find the whole verbal intelligence mix extremely seductive. As those two along with mutual understanding are the features you find extremely important in a relationship. If you feel you can not completely open up and trust, especially if you do not feel understood, you will not commit to the relationship. That does not mean there will be no physical relationship, as you do have a healthy sexual appetite. You just expect a certain level of emotional compliance as you go into any type of relationship.


Injuries, illnesses, accidents, you just have this natural way of bouncing back as quick as it happened. However, don’t take your body for granted, you still need to keep it on healthy diet and plenty of fresh air and exercise. Especially when you commit to a relationship, that is when most likely, you will forget about yourself, or better put neglect self over putting others first. Keep in mind, if you don’t feel good, you can not help other people feel good.


Communication plays a vital role in this field for you. You thrive in work environment where you can be a mediator or communicator of a sort, where you can put your enthusiastic, positive spin on things. Your most likely to succeed work field would be advertising, entertaining, politics, or certain sorts of service to people, such as counselling or psychology. After all, once you find that balance in communication and listening to people, you are a total “go to” person for people who need help. After all you love to explore people’s minds.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

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