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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 31st

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Uranus-the visionary, with birth stone of Amethyst


Relay on your instincts, do not look for feedbacks from the outside world. You can not go living your life trying to adjust to other people’s expectations, if you do, you might as well live their life than. Start trusting yourself, as that is the charm of life, live it by your set of rules and expectations.

You see you should be the only judge of what you wanna do in life and how you want to do it. Just because people surrounding you do not have the same interest in what you are about to do, it doesn’t mean their negative feedback can cause you to change your mind about it. So how about when you find what you like you stick to it, no matter what others say. Remember if it feels right, than it is right. Nobody can tell you how you should feel. You are you, and that is the only justification you need.

The need to be noticed does not equal your need to please everyone. It is your determination to get things done and your certainty you are going the right direction that brings results and with that comes recognition. As you do know a great way to reach your goals, and mostly with such ease it is hard to follow, as you manoeuvre through with your creativity, vision and original ideas, and that is exactly what people see and admire in you.

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Your mind is always on speed way. You have the willpower and creativeness that expresses quite progressive new ideas, almost to the point of genius creation. But if you keep your mind at steady pace of getting through the process step by step focusing on the greatness of your creation than that will be the mark you make on the world. You do however project some traits of genius when you work, as you tend to be quite absent-minded almost like your mind has a work on its own going on, separate from what you are doing.

People like that inventive side to you, but make sure you keep the excitement of discovery a bit toned down, as that comes across a bit annoying at times. But your appetite for knowledge, that is impressive. You do know how to use the knowledge as well, as you are quite an animation when you start sharing it.

Of course, with all the good stuff comes the bad too. So I should mention your sensitivity, or maybe oversensitivity, as you tend to take people’s opinions a bit to seriously at times, which leads to moments of depression or in some cases you hit them back with some heavy words. Nothing you can not take into consideration and change. You need to learn to value other people’s input and take it as more of a constructive criticism.

However hard life is at times, I do recommend you try and pull self up and not conform to other people’s expectations, as you will loose your originality and uniqueness. Stick to your resilience and rely on your own fighting qualities. You can touch the world if you just let yourself be who you are and value yourself for the brilliant person you are.


You make one very supportive and loyal partner, with always fun and bubbly personality that spices up the relationship, so it is never a dull moment. But make sure you let the partner have a word or two in the relationship as well, as you need to remember, listening is important. When you find the right person who knows how to calm you down and allows you to be yourself and supports you for who you really are, you have a great potential for passionate and deep connection.


You tend to suffer from emotional issues, due to inability to fully express yourself. Find ways to bring the real you out to play more often, release the tension inside, for a more relaxed and healthier body and mind. Food is very important as well, as your diet has to be light and fresh. If digestive system is not working proper, your depression and anxiety might get elevated even more. Moderate but energetic exercise on a very regular basis will also help release the body and mind’s tension.


Your appetite for knowledge and ability to use it makes you a benefit to many areas of work such as a teacher, consultant or even healer, maybe writer. Even to this moment, talking about career, it is very important for you to find yourself and trust yourself, relay on yourself and express yourself, only than will you be able to fully know where your career shifts you and what area will be best suited for you, as you are a very creative and innovative person that can be very successful in artistic work field.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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