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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 30th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Jupiter-the philosopher, with birth stone of Amethyst

Listen to what people have to say and take some of it into consideration, nobody’s piece of mind is going out there to get you, they are merely but an opinion of a third person trying to allow you to see what they see in the situation.

You do have a strong opinion on just about any topic you choose, but let other people have their own as well, obviously everyone’s mind does not work the same way, so why not give people a chance to disagree with you on things, so you can gain different outlooks on situations through their eyes. After all if you do not allow others to have their own opinion, it is very hard to hold a conversation that is absolutely one sided, do you not agree? And that may lead you to feeling left out or lonely.

It is nice to listen, learn to listen, listen from the beginning to the end, give people the chance to speak their mind, instead of interfering with what your story is compared to theirs. Take the advice and change your habit of intercepting and continuing their story with yours and rather ask a question and wait for the answer.

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You are always sticking up for the weaker players. You have your own set of rules you abide by and your own right from wrong code you follow and never allow anyone shake your system. You are always on the front line, always ready to take the lead and follow through.

You can find your way in any situation, and your guidance systems you live by are so clear there is no confusion for anyone to understand it. You love bringing like-minded people together, as that suits you best so you do not have to clash personalities too much.

Sometimes those clashing personalities get the best of you and you tend to act impulsively sometimes irrationally in order to get people’s approval. Sometimes taking two steps back is a good thing, so you do not meddle with reality too much, as adjusting the truth can go to far in a split second. So rather stick to plan, as it will take you to where you want to stand in people’s eyes, it just might take some sorting and time.

Your determination does lead to success in whatever you set your mind to. But you need to find the balance in what you present to the world, as well as inside yourself, so you don’t lash out and cause the rift in the crowd. You like to be the head of command no matter what the situation, and it is ok so, as your will is strong, and you do know how to get to goal. But you also need to learn to listen and value other people’s opinions, as that is a very important strength leaders present. When you learn to add it to the mix, you can most definitely move them mountains on your way.


Your ideal match is someone who makes you laugh and absolutely rocks your world, so you can relax and step out of your lifestyle role for a while. You do tend to find the right partner in similar roles you see in yourself, a partner in crime to say the least. You like them to work on the same area of work you are involved in, so you two can be like the power-couple team. But make sure the work stays work and relationship is relationship. As one must prioritize in this field. Love always comes first, that is if you want it to work right?


You are like an energy ball, bouncing all over the place. Well formed diet and light exercise will benefit your health tremendously and of course keep you the strong side of your immune system. However do not forget to take a nap and get a good night sleep. Your need to be all over the place does maybe require a strict schedule to fit the health in check. Scheduling it will allow you to remember to eat when the meals are due and to go for a relaxing jog when the day is almost at a wrap, to tone down that mind of yours, and allow you to rest proper.


You would most definitely thrive in careers related to teaching and informing people, as your drive to lead people and show them the way really stands out and if the right environment for teaching is presented you are good to go. But there are also other positions such as management or negotiation, given your great communication skills, but it will have to be some kind of a very eccentric position in that field as you do not really like routine, you like the movement. You would also do well as psychologist or counsellor, or even social worker.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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