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Numerology Personality Traits

Personality Traits of People Born on January 2nd

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Moon-the intuitive, mothering nature, with the birth stone of Garnet
Born on this day, you are gifted with a tremendous capacity to connect with others in ways almost unexplainable. But that very gift is your ticket into people’s trust to lead the way to inspire by example, educate them, and heal. But to be able to put yourself into the position of showing people the teacher you are, you need to conquer your fears and shyness and get comfortable with expressing your own uniqueness, as that is the first feature you teach everyone else, as they start their first steps following your guidance. To be yourself, to trust who you are is for those born on this day, their bigger challenge because you put everyone else’s wellbeing before yourself and for that very reason experience empty emotions of loneliness or abandonment. So learn to put yourself first and believe in yourself as you deserve the best in life, for you give the best to everyone else.
The sense of isolation is a self-made or self-imposed emotion that follows you around like a loyal puppy dog. It is an emotion that arises from your inability to address yourself before others. As you are a listener, problem solver, and healer to others before yourself. And for the most part, you can not help, since for those born on this day, you can hear the calling to educate and guide people to spiritually empowering emotions that allow them to reach their higher potential. And by doing that, yes you feel the satisfaction and understand the role you play, but can not shake off the feeling you can not do much of the same for yourself as you need to give give give to others. And that dark side to your emotions is kind of the enemy you need to learn to overcome.

Your mind creates scenarios, most of the time being the guide to others, you expect the struck of luck to just take over, and that expectancy if rolling in it long enough just flushes the hesitancy out of your way and taking actions becomes fruitful. And with the remarkable ability to connect with surroundings and your ability of insight you can basically maneuver yourself through the most twisted minds or situations you encounter. But as much as this intuitive power is helpful, it also has the downside to it. It is what makes you different and wanted for all the wrong reasons, which tends to turn you into feeling lonely and used. So strive to accept the uniqueness of your being and celebrate the achievements as your own personal wins.

The goal to your life is to unlock the powerful energy you show through bits and pieces. Your creativity and flexibility allows you to merge to anything you touch like the expert. And the endurance and commitment gives you the stamina to move the mountains in front of you when the darkness falls on you. You can overcome just about anything, even when the emotions fall so far dark that it borders depression, and it is due to inner confidence that somehow is natural to those born on this day.

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Although as a stubborn and traditional person in astrological sense, the extreme sensitivity however does make you very unpredictable and you experience extreme mood swings. And the mood swings whey very heavy on those around you, especially the loved ones. So based on that learning patience and self control at early age is very beneficial.

Make it your mission to set your expectations high, even if at first you do not reach them. In your position it is very important to do so, as if you don’t you will find yourself working and living a very unfulfilling monotone life. As you have seen yourself thrive in multitasking and reaching high results in things you seem to naturally know how to do, these challenges also are your driving force to success, since you love to feel your way through the different obstacles. And it is not only your work field that require that kind of attitude. Make it especially important in your relationship goals, as your gentle and serving nature will be taken advantage of if you tend to ignore your needs and lower the bar.

Your energy vibrates strong even when you are not as confident as you would like to be. You are hard working and committed to anything you start, as well as a very good communicator, which in combination with your intuition makes you a fierce negotiator. And as much as you are fairly capable of crossing the finish line by yourself, you sometimes for that very reason do not see the extend of work chores and tend to overburden yourself, which more likely than not ends in frustration and isolation from the group. Surely not everyone is on same level of executing their chores but you need to learn to play together, even if it means sometimes letting go of control. Not everything has to end in your perfect tone, as perfection comes in different ways. Spend time in company of friends and family and learn to let others take the role of guides for a change, as role change can teach you a lot if only you allow yourself to accept the guidance. In your personality it is understandable hard to let go of the pre-notions, much easier to just isolate self. But think of it as training your mind pattern to isolate the emotion of isolation rather than live it.


Finding someone who understand your sensitivity, shares your goals and has a strong sense of purpose, as when you allow yourself to enter the relationship you shower them with your willingness to listen, to give, to guide, and you tend to love the company and belonging so much, you ignore the true emotion bubbling inside. So as you are always drawn to people who need your help, you might find yourself in a relationship for all the wrong reasons and stay in it for longer than you should, as when you loose the sight of yourself trying to please your partner, your confidence becomes so low you become very indecisive. Express yourself and hold on to yourself. A person respecting your sensitivity will nourish it and will not allow you to drown in the service to him.


Healthy diet is a number one thing that will help improve otherwise very restless body. Sensitivity to surroundings makes you prune to worrying too much, so stress level is extremely high most of the time. Mental disorders are more or less the health issues you will find yourself in. As for wellness aspects, the serving to others takes much time off of your schedule, as it is the lifestyle you live, which leaves your body a bit on the back burner when it comes to care for it. So make it your daily routine to take time and care for your skin and hair, as eventually they will show affect of stress on them. To reduce stress, find the child in you and go play. You will love creative and messy painting, rollerblading or water activities.


Your sensitivity to surroundings and ability to connect to people sincerely would make for a great social worker or healer even. Also, guiding people and teaching them to live a full life makes you a natural teacher. You love to observe people and connect to them, you notice things others will not, which gives you an amazing outlook on stories other people miss, and with that said, you would make a great writer.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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