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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 29th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Moon-the intuitive, with birth stone of Amethyst

You know to be respectful and have a way with words, but you are also very outspoken and direct. You say what you think, you are very quick to speak, almost as if to say you don’t really take time to think before you speak. But it is all part of being who you are, you stand behind what you believe in and practice what you preach. Although to come to this stage it does take some searching to find that inner voice you need to learn to trust.

Part of that searching involves your reactions as well. In the beginning they are rough around edges, and you do tend to explode if someone crosses your arguments, but eventually you do learn to tone down these confrontations to a much more controlled communication, which does tend to be very persuasive in time when you learn to use the power of your voice.

The same goes with your actions, in the beginning as expected very rough and more likely acted on impulse than common sense. But later on you do learn that you are a lot happier with decisions made based on firm considerations.

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I guess your excellent communicative skills are no secret by now, and you are also very creative and very people oriented, that may not explain what I wanted to say in the best way. You like to speak up for others as well as to others, you will support the weak and fight for their rights, well fight for all people you feel have been wronged in any way.

You do learn to trust your inner voice eventually, which is in a way very beneficial to you considering you are very intuitive and with following your voice you will find it takes you to much greater things. But you are also aware there is power in masses rather than to stand alone. You love to connect to people and rather work with a group of people than alone, as in a way it is true, a group of people working towards common goal does have an advantage on many levels.

There is however a bit of a down side to connecting to people as well. As much as you love working in groups rather than alone, your ability to sense people’s thoughts and emotions does keep you on the safe side rather sticking to your own opinion. Not that you do not respect or listen other people’s opinion, it is just that you kind of prefer to act on your own ideas than someone else’s.

With growing self-awareness you become more aware of beliefs you take on. And with both in the mix you do tend to be more determined to follow your own truths and right the wrongs pretty much in everything you sense it. Which makes for a greater positive and negative reactions from the public. Positive is not so bad, as your self-belief grows stronger, but with the negative reactions, you become angrier and confrontational rather than step back and allow people to have their opinion. You do benefit a lot from the knowledge that you can not always please everyone, and that anger and cruelness is sometimes necessary, but that does not make you any less hurt.


You do tend to have many intense relationships in younger age, as you do stretch yourself a bit too thing giving more than you are able to receive. But over time as you learn your self-worth you do find more steady situations, and once you commit to the one, you are very loving, generous and giving, but again make sure you also receive, not just give, as relationships are a two way street and even the good ones will fall apart if you do not learn to indulge with landing on the other side of giving-receiving line.


Healthy light diet and regular exercise are a must, as with your sensitivity many emotional issues may arise. So the light diet will ease on your digestive system, which will allow for easier energy flow even with all the energy sensors going crazy, hitting mood swings you sometimes can not control. As the body does have extreme reactions to energy fluctuation, you might want to think about finding the right massage therapy for you to release the tension.


You are intellectual and artistic as well as sensitive and compassionate by nature, which means you will most likely be driven to work in the areas where you can serve and help society, such as law or humanitarian work, but also with the communicative skills you posses and the love of connecting to people you might also be driven to media and entertainment, as that is just as good of a path to be at the front where you can spread awareness and help.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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