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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 28th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Sun-the individual, with birth stone of Amethyst

Believe in yourself is the key to success. As law of attraction only works when you create from a place of self-belief. Believe in yourself and know that it is enough, and good enough. As when you have that firm anchor, everything else you desire and are destined for sets into place.

There is no point in looking for admiration and reassurances from outside, if the vessel is empty right? If you do not believe in every littlest thing you do and have as you, if you do not enjoy and inspire with what you are here and now, you can not get that which you strive for.

Recognition starts within you. Take what you have and develop it, develop it bit by bit, every inch of your character and image, as if painting a picture. Once you like the way you present yourself, like the way you react to things, like how you communicate with people, like, like, like…you will slowly see the results of your belief. You will see the admiration. But the number one thing you need to do is, stop trying so hard to impress outside world and start impressing self first.

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You are extremely creative and original and charming on top of it, you love to shock the public and if you avoid the desire to get noticed, and focus on what you are creating, you surely do reach to some high standards, the public has no other reason but to be impressed.

You are an independent thinker with a rebellious flair, you like to stay true to who you are, and will always stay on your own path, as you prefer it that way. But that will not stop you helping people when some motivation is needed, and that is a very honourable personality trait which earns you many friends along the way.

Rarely it happens, but sometimes you end up in sidelines for some reason, maybe just the fact your ideas are too different to be included into the mix, but sooner rather than later your creativity and originality does pull you back in the mix, where they obviously belong.

You are a hard working individual, very practical, and you understand that putting in your best effort, your desire and discipline will bring you the impact you want to get recognized for. That organizational ability and dedication makes you a very resourceful and successful individual.

You are brilliant and you are aware of it. Just how well you are able to keep your head above foolishness and unrealistic decisions in order to get noticed is actually what shows your ability to focus on grater emotional maturity and attract even more amazing opportunities for you.


You are a very bad flirt, mostly due to the fact you kind of like to be centre of attention and just want the admiration of everyone, which makes this situation deemed for a disaster. Remember, believing in self goes much further than trying to draw the attention of others with wishful thinking. You are a good person, always just wanting everyone to be happy, but for the greater good on your part, keep a bit more collected focus, when looking for the right person. You are a very giving person, but you need to learn to respect yourself enough to stick for yourself even in relationship.


You have a lot of energy to burn off, but would absolutely benefit from mind-body mental exercises such as tai-chi or yoga, also some more traditional martial art techniques would be a good fit. Keep a healthy diet, it is very important for your energy levels as well as over all body health.


Design, architecture, well anything artistic, can as well be music or writing. You are extremely artistic, and your gift with words is one of your higher qualities, which would make you excellent communicator and with that a great writer, or media personal. If you are drawn more to the business side of the work world, you would also be good in management, business or even politics.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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