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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 27th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Mars-the warrior, with birth stone of Amethyst

Patience, patience, patience, I think in my category the hardest lesson to learn. Well lets get going than right? And that patience can get you places, as with committing to a cause and patiently sticking through it, you are on the way to success. Make sure your lessons are learned, as you really need to finish what you started in order to succeed.

Most lessons to do with patience, or should we say all of them, start with your ability to control your own emotions. You can not just go on and loose patience and divert from what you are doing based on you feeling angry or sad something is not as you planned (light therapy might help). As my boy sometimes says; mom, I can’t do this and now I am angry! No, no, no child, you decide how you feel based on what you want, not because something does not want to set you in the mood you want. So what if you can’t do it right away, feel happy anyways and go try again. That is choosing to do it. Or you can choose not to. But than you got the point, see?

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Learn to control your emotions, and nobody can ever control you. By mastering your emotions, you master your mind, and see the world as you want it to see, not as people say “you need to see the reality”. You possess the spirit and creativity to use them, not to waste them. Be creative with life, as that creativity is your motivation. You have the desire to show the world what you see, what you can do, how you can joyfully walk the path toward the creation.

See maybe the lack of motivation to reach the goal, and all the changes of heart during the way are actually connected to not really have the goal set. But the thrill of life is not the goal itself and you later in life know this, you just need to remind yourself in your early days. The thrill is in patiently chasing the magic of the path.
Your creativeness has a charm that catches the eye of many. But the problem with your process is that you many times just want to throw rough product out there instead of patiently follow the path. Somehow it fit is not done fast enough, you are reaching the point you get frustrated and just want to be done with, and that is when things fall apart. Wheres if you take your time and patiently skip step by step through your idea and develop it to your satisfaction, those premature disasters can not happen.

Eventually you do learn to slow down and adapt a healthy creative and patient approach to life in general, which helps you be more reliable in work, and that itself offers for more opportunities in life. But the calmer approach also gives more chances for successful relationships to be established with friends as well as potential partner. The most important thing is, as you become more emotionally mature, you are capable of fulfilling more promises, and that boosts your reputation as more reliable.


You like affection, and you also like to flirt, but falling in love, that is a step that somehow does not happen often. You are surrounded by admirers, as charming as you are, is obvious. But being as impatient as you are, when things do not go your way, you do tend to have unexpected outbursts of anger. In general you settle later in life, when your life-pace slows down and you learn to appreciate the path rather than experience it as dull if it doesn’t happen in the moment you imagine it to be.


Stress is your poison in health department. Which is nothing unusual given the main lesson being patience. Diverse diet of light food, and a moderate, but impulsive exercises should do the trick of keeping your energy levels on the optimum and relax you at same time. However relaxing breathing exercises will make for a great companion in times of need.


You like to learn, and love the fast pace of life. Politics is one of those areas you would thrive nicely. You like high positions in work, which is not unusual for your intelligence. But your appetite for knowledge and creative mind also suggest you would be great as teachers, counsellors or any situation where you are helping others. There is also a bright career in entrepreneurship for those who want to go on more individual path.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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