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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 24th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Venus-the lover, with birth stone of Amethyst


There is nothing harder than to live behind the mask. You need to learn to accept yourself as you are and and feel comfortable inside your skin. Shake off the fake persona you try to build, to hide the real you. Life is absolutely charming when you start creating and getting to know the real you.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, but nothing we do is really “a mistake”, it is just multiple ways of learning new lessons and improving ourselves, so fear of criticism is really just expecting too much from everyone and expecting nothing from yourself. Once you learn to accept yourself as is, and start standing behind your every step, there is nobody in this world that can tell you how to feel, and how you should do things.

See people will be people, and things they can never be perfect, if it is perfect than it is most likely not real, as perfect things mean ending, or with other words no more room to change, to evolve. The right time is now, the right person is you, the “mask”? you do not need it. Criticism is well, someone else’s expectation of how you should be doing something their way, in a way a harsh set of words to set you off course on which you are in.

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See life is absolutely not the same for you from your point of view, as it is not same for me from my point of view. But mine will never be yours, even if we criticize each other point of view as long as we are alive. Rather focus on those who agree they see things similar, as nobody will ever see the same, and take it as a bouncing edge to your future.


Once you are fully comfortable with yourself you are absolutely stunning to people you come in contact with, as you live what you teach and you love what you do, and being so radiant and stand out of the crowd with your confident energy, you bring about many admirers.

However you really do not let many come close enough to get to know you better. In the back of your mind you still have fear that there will be a negative reaction to who you are if you let them in on what excites you, and that is over bearing thought to you. And as much as mystery does seem appealing to people and that makes you kind of popular amongst the groups, it still does not really tend to last too long, as it is emotionally draining.

You juggle the distance and yet lure people in extremely well, and for being very resourceful and intelligent communicator, as well as having many bright ideas makes you an asset in many career opportunities that strive for power and success. But still, the whole keeping people out can be incredibly emotionally damaging in the long run, as you crave for attention but being safe rather than allow people in can make for a very emotionally draining situations.

You have a great potential to break down the barrier you keep up, and just be yourself. If the play pretend goes on for long, sure that also means the turning point will loose you of what you have built so far in reputation, but that does not make it a permanent situation, as you yourself are as charming as the mask you presented for so long, after all it was your game, the fruit of your imagination. So at the end of the day the sooner the better and the potential to be great as you created self is right there, in you.


Considering your fears, real relationships are hard for you. Your ideal person will give you the time to relax into it and slowly open up to intense emotions. Although attracting people with your charm is something that happens despite it all, some relationships definitely do happen, but nothing long lasting or even emotionally connecting.


As you give much on other people’s opinion, you have the tendency to become obsessed with diets, exercise and beauty regimes. You need to step back and adapt a healthy and balanced style and stick to it. Overdoing it will make your body eventually crush. Make time to relax with family and friends, surrounded by people you trust will help you ease your mind and help you relax when you need it.


You are intelligent, so what you would be good at is really not the question. The issue at hand is more along the way of what would make you feel comfortable enough to become your work environment, as you do not really feel comfortable spending too much time with people, as they tend to eventually want to know more about you, and you really do not feel comfortable sharing. However, kids, they do ask questions, but can also be incredibly inspiring to you and somehow even help you come out of your shell, besides you are intelligent and gentle teacher. You would also be good in working with animals.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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