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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 23rd

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Mercury-the communicator, with birth stone of Amethyst


People take things for granted every day. You however have an eye for seeing the extraordinary world in different way. You do however have to make sure to keep yourself firmly grounded without loosing your originality and individuality.

You tend to sway the way people move you. And you are quick to loose trust in yourself. You need to learn to take care of yourself and put yourself first no matter what the world might say. Exercise that benefits you from early on is to adapt a habit of positive thinking, such that uplifts you, and could even serve as a mantra in times when insecurity arises. To remain the resilient and stubborn natured person you are, this is something that you need to learn to do.

You have the determination and resilience to be your own unique person. You don’t like taking orders, or even advice for that matter. You stick to believing you know what is best for you and tend to stick to it. Although being so centred on your own focus points, not allowing anyone’s opinion to be taken into consideration, it is people’s reactions to your resilience that eventually make you feel insecure, as people sometimes have a hard time understanding what they do not understand working for them. And that is kind of your weak point. Especially if it comes so far, that you loose the sense of who you are.

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You are not really driven by financial rewards of life, you rather chase after rewarding life, that makes you come across as very natural lifestyle loving person who’s main motivation is to just be able to be you and live life happy. And people see it as very positive and interesting, even inspiring way to live. It does however take them some time to get close enough to you to learn that about you.


You are always on a mission to do something new, and pretty much everything you encounter you grab on to with the “I can do it” attitude and charisma that makes it seem even more like an effortless endeavour. But as simple and as attractive it may seem to the outside world, you do encounter inner battle many times, as your confidence in self is like a yo-yo, but if you have the strength to push forward and achieve your goals no matter what. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of pulling back into self and a bit of stubbornness on your part.

Your charisma and your intellectual approach to everything you encounter does also allow you to get along with almost everyone you have a general conversation with. And notice I said “almost” everyone. You tend to be repulsed by people who are not natural or real in a way they present themselves, you do not tolerate shallow and money driven people. As you prefer the fulfilling opportunities, not dictated by financial drive, that life has to offer.

As long as you stay true to yourself and do not let your lack of confidence shake you, you can do great many things. You have a moderate interest in people, but do not want to be greatly involved unless they are on the same page you are, as you see it as waste of your precious time. But still make sure you do not withdraw from the world entirely, as loneliness does not suit you, it rather makes you angry and snappy.


Same as in general, in love you do not settle for less than what you see proper. The right partner will know how to intellectually challenge you and still allow you to be yourself and give you enough freedom you need to maneuver your way through your life, as if it was anyone else, who did not understand you, they would probably think you do not even need them by your side. But in general you enjoy the stabile and secure emotion a loyal partner brings to the table.


As is normal in your life, you have that stubborn “I know what I need” attitude even when it comes to your own health. You don’t like other people telling you what to do about it, especially doctors. So you normally will find your own way of extreme health beliefs and stick to it, same goes for exercise routines. However, if it does come to that moment of doubt in self, you do tend to look for expert advice, but obviously only for the time it takes to get yourself back up. But it works for you so it is what it is.


Your analytical mind and innovative ideas would make a good addition to science world, as you need to have your mind constantly stimulated. There are some other areas that would be interesting for you in terms of constant stimulation of the brain and new approaches you can come up with , such as marketing analytics or maybe in a way even business. But if you would be a good fit to work as an employee however that is something you will have to really think about, as you really prefer your limitless options and could become extremely rebellious if someone tried to annoy you with rules. So considering self-employment is another way to go with.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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