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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 22nd

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Jupiter-the philosopher, with birth stone of Amethyst
Your restless personality is quite a handful at times, you need to learn to control your tendencies to switch from one project to another one relationship to another, one thing to another really, you don’t really have the patience to take time to see what you like and see what you don’t like.

The answers to the problem such as you have with restlessness, is mostly within themselves. To find out what it is that is really holding you back, not allowing you to come closer and take time to see whether you like the thing, the person, the whatever you want to point out, you really need to take a moment and feel it, figure it out. The feeling of being unable to commit to anything is flitting from what you fear to come close to, sometimes it is rooted deep in childhood traumas you do not want to revisit, but mostly it does not matter much, as these things can be relearned.

Your nature really is the bold and adventurous type, you don’t run from things, you go and jump at them. So how can this be so hard to do? Patience is hard, that I admit, I do have a problem with it myself. But patience also has ways to master it, and one of them is to take it as an adventure and stick with it, see what it shows you as you peel the layers of the unknown, and mean while doing it, if it gets boring, you can always occupy your mind, as long as you stick to it, do not run away and abandon it.

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See you feel different in a very one-minded seem like society. It is not really all the way true, although I wrote it so you would relate. But the thing is your imagination is quite often so advanced, that people just can not follow what you are about, and that frustrates you at times, so rather than try and be patient, you just abandon the boat. Well people do come around, especially if you stick around, and try and try again, see Rome was not built in a day, so great minds do get to be recognized, eventually.

See you have have all the predispositions to be extremely successful, with your advanced imagination, determined mind and explosive energy, you do reach whatever goal you set to chase after, but your greatest enemy on the way is patience and discipline. Eventually you do learn that this is the way to go about everything, but it is extremely hard to maintain that understanding. So you do tend to loose temper a lot, but you also do make many loyal friends, who’s opinions do matter to you and they do manage to keep you in balance. And over time, you begin to develop self-discipline and keep away from reckless behaviour.

When you are in your element your ability to reach out to the world is extraordinary and unique. You do not just break the rules, break them and than well make new ones. You are just one crazy unconventional visionary, well “crazy” in a good way. And of course your entire transformation of great many outlooks on things is escorted with a number of critics, but by this point in life, you are not really bothered. The most important thing to you now is to be true to yourself and you honour it to the core. You just want to have the freedom to do what you feel is right thing to do, regardless of what the world thinks. This approach to life does have its risks, but you know respect and love for yourself comes when you are really truly yourself, and you are proud of it.


You are full of challenges in this area of life, as you have your epic mood swings at times and your head goes different directions more than you even know, but still you have plenty of admirers. It is but only logical that you are drawn to intelligent and progressive thinkers, as you are same, who you can share your love of adventure and constant change with. And once you find the one, who is capable of keeping up and cope with all you bring to the table, you really do love the peace and stability a relationship brings.


Regular diet schedule is an essential piece of the puzzle in your overall health, as you need your constant intake of quality food to maintain your high energy levels. Now with exercise, you would be the type I would say needs to steam it off a bit in a gym or any high energy level where you can vent out or destress in a very active way. And as you do live a hectic lifestyle, keep a close eye on your blood pressure and stress levels, I guess saying meditation would help is really something you really don’t like to hear, but if you make effort and empty your mind for a few minutes a day, you will find the relief you need.


You do not like routine, any job you would be good at has to have movement, travel and plenty of variety. And on top of that, your job needs to be a rocket science, quite literally in a way, the traditional work environment is very boring to you. So pilot, astronaut, actor maybe. I guess with love of ever changing scenery you would make a great travel guide too. Well there is many other work places or jobs you would be a perfect fit to, as you are multi-talented and love the constant challenge, as long as you find one that will keep you occupied and hold your interest.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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