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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 21st

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Jupiter-the philosopher, with birth stone of Amethyst
You are learning to understand that it is of your most importance to learn to trust and act upon your instincts. Once you do so, you have a well paved way to go inspire and improve people’s lives.

You tend to be intimidated by fear. But learning to distinguish between the two, will help you come out and play with your real power of knowing. You know there is a simple way to tell. Fear has million and one reason why to fear it, but intuition, the knowing part, it just feels right for no reason. So this I guess is the simplest way to put it.

You will learn to find that right feeling thought as you start to connect with your true emotions. Obviously nobody says just jump in blindfolded, or I would probably say that, but there are simpler ways for you to get more relaxed about the “fear aspect” of the distinguishing between the two. Every time you find yourself before a decision, on mostly anything really, check in with your emotions and see how it feels just before you go on and do it. That is how you will learn to hear your yes-es and no-s.

I understand the pressure you must be under, as you have the vibe of the person who people tend to follow no matter what it is you set on to go for. And you probably have no way of explaining why you do what you do. Well you don’t really have to have any excuses or explanations. If it feels right than it is right, for you at least. If it is the right thing for the people, well they will find out on their own I guess. Nothing can always be right for everyone.

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You possess a charm that is remarkable, it allows you to get along with just about anyone, and you know there are people that do not get along with anyone almost, so that is kind of special. And if you combine it with your intuition and also ambition, well you can reach the top blind folded.
You are not one to keep it in, you love expressing what you feel and you swear by it. You can not follow other people’s expectations or rules for that matter, as you need to be free to follow your intuition no matter what the circumstances present, even if you head straight into mistakes, you will know exactly what to bring out of it, as you learn from every mistakes fair and quick.

At a first glance you find leadership positions fairly fit for you, but as you learn what goes into the obligation part, you kind of are not ready to be in for the long run. And it is not for not being good enough to do it, it is more that you are way too compassionate to enforce discipline or even routine, you can not enforce something you can not follow. A group of people with a leader and you being part of it with your freedom however is a different story. You have all these ideas and energy to start something, but see you need people to see it through to the end.

Some of you have a very quick speech ability. And especially when nervous, mostly when you are worrying if someone will like you or not, you tend to spill out all the ideas that are in your head at that time in a very confused way, and when trying to make sense of it, you can come across as very indecisive. See it is not whether they will like you or not, because chances are they already like you the moment they see you as you radiate that charisma, but the thing is whether you are able to impress them and stop for a moment to collect your thoughts before you speak.

In general you really do know where your place is even if at times it is unclear, but you know how to be flexible day to day and rely on your intuition quite hard. Your charm and personality always do work in your favour, so you never have to worry what happens as you always get what you need.


You do not like to be tied down, and on top of that you love to experiment and explore, keep that in mind as that is the reason maybe in the beginning you do not settle quite the speed you would expect. But you do attract people with your appealing charm and warmth, but the only person you warm up to is actually the one who understands you needs for adventure and variety as well as freedom.


Same as with everything, you need to explore your options to see what fits you, same in diet and in exercise and alternatively with lifestyle in general. Luckily for you with your heightened sense of connection between the active components to maintain healthy body and soul you really do take care of self and try to do all that needs to be done to maintain the maximum good health.


Your artistic side give you quite a good predisposition to be good at for example writing, but the ability to connect to people and your sensitivity can also guide you into social work or anything to do with helping people. However you do have very inventive and ahead of time ideas that can be quite interesting for technology or business as well. So it is up to your comfort zone in this work environment that will dictate what you would love to do.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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