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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 18th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Mars-the warrior, with birth stone of Garnet
You have the eye for the magic. You see the positive and uplifting thing in every situation you look at. And the same enthusiasm you wish to show and share with everyone. You want to show how simple and uplifting it is to apply the creativeness and originality to life.

Daydreaming is your most valuable habit. With that daydreaming you boost your creativity. But as valuable as it is it also is a distraction at times. As you find it easier to daydream, than to actually do something you are suppose to focus on. Needless to say your inability to focus on things you are doing for more than a short periods of time is a big downside to your work and personal life.

But let’s get back to that creativity you are developing with your daydreaming. See your imagination saves the day every time, and people recognize it and appreciate you for it. And if it was not for your discipline and sound minded thinking, that imposes every time, pushing you to do things you don’t like, because at the end of the day you know you will reach the goal doing it.

You have what people call “magnetic personality”. Your quick thinking, and diverse and irrelevant chatter full of ideas is something that makes for an excellent company. And I am not only saying in personal life, same goes for work environment. People like your spontaneous, out of the blue, no-brainers that set for the looser mood in the tense work environment. So I guess your daydreaming is after all very important.

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You don’t like rules or authority for that matter. You like your child like behaviour. You need people around you, to satisfy your endless amounts of energy. You are one very trusting, friendly and optimistic soul and you very much know how to make everyone’s day.

You love any job, even the most ordinary of all, as long as there is independence and action. And as much as you love people around, you do not find it fun, nor do you tend to thrive in an environment where there is team work and you have boundaries set on your creativeness. In cases like that, you do become very rebellious, and childlike stubborn. And that does not only apply to your childhood, it also comes along with you in your adulthood.

But the thing is, when you find environment where your freedom is respected, you are loyal and devoted. The freedom is one thing that keeps you in place, but you also want to be accepted as a whole with all your expressive playfulness, friendliness and crazy at times but also very original sense of humour. You just do not stand for bitter and monotone anything.

I need to say this though in a way to keep you on your right path. You are like a child, always looking for new excitement and daydreaming about the unthinkable, and developing creativity and innovative ways with it. And by doing that you remain you, even if you drift away at times, slacking on focus. But if you end up in environment that starts to confine you with responsibilities and rules, you become restless and impatient and if your needs are not met you will experience fits of temper, loose your concentration and eventually just keep retreating into your fantasy world.

So keep your eye on that place you see yourself in, and go for it. Sometimes is better to work on projects that are not all so fun, but still provide what you need, if eventually they lead to where you want to be, because you know you will feel free and yourself when you reach the goal. Never deny yourself of your fantasy world, rather find a way to the goal you want through minor integration that feels acceptable.


Loosen up your ties on your partner. Sure it is the perfect fantasy world, but you need to be aware that your doing does feel suffocating, and as much as you love freedom and no boundaries, in relationship people do need freedom as well. I know it can be painful to hear that from someone you love, since when you dive in love you dive deep. And for that you might sometimes take some time to find the one, and it can be discouraging, but that is not the case. There is art in allowing and with proper communication, which you are clearly more than capable, you can definitely get your point across.


Plenty of sleep, regular but moderate exercise and since your mind is so active and yes I could say you live in your head most of the time, do take time to come out and take a decent bite. But to put it on a more strict note you don’t really like. You would benefit from a very healthy diet routine, one that is scheduled, so you do not skip your meals. And since you are in your head so much, and I know daydreaming is relaxing, why not take time and daydream outside in nature and have some fresh air, body needs a decent amount of  fresh air daily you know.


Your career options are basically sized with your appetite. Whatever your interests are you most likely are going to succeed in. Your potential for creativity is huge, so there is endless possibilities. You can do all from fashion industry down to business or even banking. The fantasy life you live in is a good predisposition for developing the love of theatre, film or arts as well.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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