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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 17th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Saturn-the teacher, with birth stone of Garnet

Lead by example. A very powerful message to send to your pupils. But first you need to master your self-control and overcome adversity, only then you will be able to encourage others to work harmoniously together. You know the law of attraction says, it is attitude that counts.

You know people’s minds can not be changed, they can only choose the change themselves. But change starts with you. If you want to achieve something, convince them to do something, you can only do it by showing them. Lead by example. And blaming self for not being able to change someone is useless endeavour. Remember one thing, to have people seeing example in you, you must keep them from bringing out your impatience. As those who anger you, conquer you.

So learn to keep control over your emotions. Best way to do it is to keep a firm belief in what you are about and what you teach with your lifestyle or life lessons if you are still on the way to conquering the mastery of the lessons. But never the less, practice what you preach and do not let anyone take it away from you by provoking you. As your biggest weakness is your ability to cope with your own feeling of helplessness.

Once you learn the power of positive thinking, you should never look back. After all there is nothing in the past you want. Everything you wish to achieve and create lies in the unknown future, which is powered by your own powerful thinking and creating.

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To think big means you need to surround yourself with equal minded people. You know, if you hang with people you admire, you have something to reach for. And as you also want to create your life a powerful, happy, uplifting, worthy of a role model, make sure people you choose for your company resonate with that vibration. Expect success and success you shall attract.

You like working on projects that help others. But as you are highly ambitious and driven for the projects to succeed, you also like to lead the projects, as you see yourself as the single most competent person, which makes you the best person for the job in your eyes. And even though you are quite captured in your tradition, there are some sparks of quite progressive innovative ideas up your sleeves.

You tend to learn quick which also means you will master the positive thinking and strong self-belief fairly soon. But learning the hard way, it also means you have developed some resilience in approaching life. Now that has a positive as much as negative ring to it. As on the downside, you learned the only person you can really trust is you, but on the bright side, the ah so needed lesson of self-control has been mastered and that is a huge advantage to what you wish to show and teach others.

So as said in the beginning of this piece, to teach others, you have to lead by example, that is the only way to get their attention and achieve the results you expect. As if you could achieve it through your own efforts and desires, so can they.

You know, as much as you learned the hard way, not everyone appreciates the same approach though. So to some, your alienating others approach, can push them away more than get their attention. As everyone’s experience with hardship is different, and some just prefer to stay away from it entirely. So think of other, more alternative ways to getting them to cooperate.

You know how important it is to feel in control of your life. But sometimes, to turn inwards and take control of your own life it is easier to try and change outside world and try to feel comfortable in it, and fill in the gaps with controlling the outer influences.


You like to take the lead in your personal life and work life that is understandable. But you need to understand that in relationship that will hit the wall, you need to learn that independence and freedom are as important as intimacy and trust. And that is so very important in love life for you to understand. As you are attracted to equally powerful and independent people as you are yourself. And as much as you can be very loving, loyal and generous in a relationship, butting heads with same strong personality as yourself, can never work unless you learn to let go of control.


At the end of the day you are not a superhuman, so tendency to resort to stimulants for extra energy are quite high. And you know that they are definitely not the health poster. Rather make your schedule about healthy diet and equally plenty sleep. A healthy routine in exercise would make for a great emotional release. You can also try meditation or massage to release tension.


You like the healthy mix of tradition and self control as well as helping society. So a great mix of all the above you will most definitely find in police force. But if you prefer business waters, you would do great in managerial roles. Depending on your ability to introspect however, that opens your work spectrum to more possibilities in teaching and inspiring others.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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