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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 16th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Neptune-the speculator, with birth stone of Garnet

In a way your desire is to leave this place a happier and less complicated place. So you strive to communicate the right ways of doing things a lot, and you tend to stick around to see the tasks you put out there to meet their goals. You want the better side of life to be available and accessible to all.

The world is so big. You can not do everything at once. So it is best you learn to understanding that you will never get it done. Start focusing on here and now, look for the good things and start appreciating them, look for what you have accomplished so far in life and be grateful for the changes you made, as little as they feel to you, they still are changes.

Once you learn to appreciate the little things, there is a greater potential of making more of same steps. As for the greatest accomplishment of all that you will ever achieve is to start believing that you are good enough. As when you start to believe in you, you can push across some of bigger debates that will stimulate and create new ventures.

When you establish a belief system in yourself primarily, you will find others will start seeing it too. As the law of attraction goes remember, when you believe others start to follow. But keep a levelled-head, expectations are a focus we all need to maximize our results, but take what you get, as you are not responsible for other people’s free will and execution ability.

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You like your projects and it gives you tremendous satisfaction to finish them to your best ability, as you are a very organised person with great organisational skills. You will always see your job is done to perfection. But that organised lifestyle if it gets to set in routine can also become suffocating. And when things get suffocating you tend to get restless and want to run out and do reckless things. Even goals and projects that are deemed impossible.

You set your bar of expectation so high, that when things don’t get according to your plan, and that will happen eventually, as life just is set that way, you tend to loose hope and don’t feel good enough. But despite that negative side to you, you need to keep in mind that you still are highly valued and admired for your abilities you bring to the table.

This erratic behaviour is possible deriving from your childhood, as you most certainly were expected to do more than you could present, so that reflects later on in life and messes with your self-esteem. But overcoming this tendency of diminishing yourself for some unrealistic goal, can allow for faster and more efficient success. As you are destined for success, based only on your organizational skills and ability to see to reach the goal with best results possible. People see you as extremely capable, even when you do not.

Eventually you do find the way in and come more in contact with yourself. That is when you start to understand that believing in yourself and your daily success is enough to feel emotionally accomplished and fulfilled. Do not ever settle for fear or uncertainty, as it would be the wrong path to go on. You are as of young age capable beyond your normal ability due to your endless drive to achieve the goals you set in life.

Once they have learned to value what they do have, they will discover that fear and uncertainty about what may happen in the future because within them is the strength they need to deal with setbacks; once they can view their mistakes not as failures but as opportunities to learn and grow, they have the potential for an extraordinary life.


You are so straight forward expecting the best from self, you have trouble admitting your feelings, as that might look weak on you. You long for freedom, and somehow see it in irresponsible behaviour, which can be dangerous at times. You do eventually find a partner to whom you feel comfortable and secure to open up. You cherish your close friends and family along with partner, and they will probably be the only people in your life who will see your emotional side, as you tend to help and encourage and buy small encouraging gifts a lot. And as a lover you are caring, loyal and generous. But to the outside world, you just are not the person to share your emotions.


Your energy levels are up and down. It depends on your lazy vs. energetic feeling on that day. As a result you can be a very unorganized and fussy eater, not a good habit. Keep the feeding habit more on the regular basis and make sure it is not processed food. There is a certain charm in eating healthy you know. As for keeping you up beat energetically, get yourself into one of those high energy group aerobics classes, that will boost up your adrenaline till evening. But do not forget, you do also need enough sleep to keep up with that routine. This regimen will keep you away from feeling down and depressed. You know endorphins make life happier.


Your work routine is absolutely fantastic, and organizationals skills and your endurance speak for themselves. You would make a great manager, organizer, accountant even. You would also do good with the public, in  teaching or sales for example. For those more driven and stronger workaholics law may even be the path.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

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