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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 15th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Venus-the lover, with birth stone of Garnet

You are in general a very happy person. You like to be the voice of people too. You tend to take some time to find what you want in life, but once you do it, and you deem it worthy of you, well other people will hear about it as well. You tend to mix in people drama a lot, but seem to not understand how that happens, although well every participant brings their own, so well you are in a way just as much responsible as they are.

You have a tendency to well share just about everything that happens in your life and with that said, well you like to be in the spotlight. The problem arises for you if there is lack of recognition for what you do in life. You need to understand, not every move is really accomplishment in other people’s eyes, and at the same time, not every move in life we praise. Sure you made effort, but everyone does every day.

There are times when your efforts should be recognized. But even with that, you need to learn patience. Learn to stop, look around you and see the processes happening around you at the same time you resent that one person for not praising you the moment you put effort to what you are doing, life has a way and there are many participants in it. Wait for your time to come.

In a way you can be very childish, and I understand this can come as a very rude awakening, but denying someone their recognition because you did not get yours, is a childish stubbornness. You don’t seem to share well. Your lesson in this area is definitely to learn how to share, as with being grateful for as much as you do get, learn to accept it and share with others, and with that allow more to come your way. Being a spiritual person, is needless to teach you about law of attraction and art of allowing.

You have a strong desire to lead and inspire. But in your idealistic way your ambition is focused on some deep ethical significance, in which you can be determined to preach to others about how things are done. You love drama, the thought of it is so thrilling to you, is almost impossible to try and be without. I mean who can ever come out on top if there is no bottom right.

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If you pressed a pause to that kind of focus for one second, and put more attention to your priceless innovative ideas and the passionate energy you bring to the table when your fist aim is not to be praised, you would recognize the real potential behind your wrongly aimed focus.

As I said before you are a spiritual person, you do connect well with people, and if you stop looking for drama for a little bit, you might find the cherished loyal friend you are to people when they need someone to give them great advice on their issues. As you can very firmly and lovingly at same lead them out of their dark place. And they actually do appreciate the help and effort and are very keen on following you, as long as you do not seek recognition afterwards.

Well call it your weak spot, I suppose, looking for that recognition is exactly that. As with pursuing this recognition in every step you take, people see it as ego-driven attempt of accomplishments. Yes you wish to raise awareness, yes you want to help, and yes you want to devote your life to make changes in the world. But the need for you to be raised above and beyond is something you will have to learn to let go. For recognitions come on their own, when you do not chase them. They come to those patient and not at all focused on the title but rather on the cause.

You have such a tremendous gift for connecting with people, and if used in the correct way, you can make changes in so many people’s lives you can not even imagine. And if you take pride for yourself in that every little change you make, and cherish it, the recognition comes on its own, when you patiently change the lives of every individual you can reach.

But the way you throw yourself out there people have no other way but to see you as ego-driven, drama lover, unaccessible. And knowing how sensitive you are inside, that force of people’s perception of you can be destructive to your soul. And that would tend to push you chasing even further after recognition in whatever you do, just to fill the void.

Feel your real potential and use it. You are extremely positive person, and your deep sensation of others around you can play a role in change, for some at first, but there will be many, until there will be a little change in the world around you. And yes you may take pride in all of it. But be patient and let that recognition come on its own. As it will come. If you are patient. But do remember, you do not wear a title, for people to know your worth.


You have a passionate nature and have an appetite for sex. In partnership as well as in life you still do need a lot of attention and admiration. But when you do fall in love, you are in it for the long run, or so you set yourself for it. As sometimes the sex drive gets the best of you and you change your mind as you do not get what you need. But when you find the right person it is the whole persona that inspires your being more than vice versa.


You need to be careful with health, as you have a tendency to excess everything, you most likely have to the food as well. All the lavish and rich food does not really match well the healthy body. A well balanced and planed diet will do you much better than all the pleasures of unhealthy food, but do not make it an obsession either. Joining a routine on exercise department would make for a very healthy body as well, but you do need something of a group effort or maybe even a personal trainer, as you do better when you feel like you have their attention, and you are less tempted to make it an obsession and chase after results.


You would make a great campaign leader obviously, speaking about raising awareness and potentially changing the world, as well as attention on yourself. Perfect job. There are however many different careers you would feel very comfortable in, such as social services, management, law, health care position or even science, you can find all the dramatic and innovative thrills you love and strive for and still climb the ladder if you will.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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