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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 13th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Uranus-the visionary, with birth stone of Garnet.

You strive to rise above the adversity, and make it your mission to bring as many people as possible along with you. You believe your life’s purpose is to show people how to stand alone and have courage to respect other people’s differences, as well as you cherish similarities in others. You want to make this world more harmonious and bring people together. But make sure you check your approach, as you can come across as bossy and stubborn if things don’t go as you plan.

You need to meet the world with less resistance. You can only locate and also release the painful emotions, when you are facing them. And life will not always go the way you plan, but knowing how to cope with anger or disappointment will help you get through the ups and downs that you bestow upon you. As you seem to take the burden of changing someone else’s mind upon your shoulders and than as it does not happen, you experience blame and disappointments for something that was never yours to change.

I guess the most important thing you learn in life is self-belief. Even when things turn opposite of your expectations, you believe you can gather enough enthusiasm to motivate self and others to reach the goal. Never stand still. Learn to flow in the mids of lows with belief, and harvest the ups to the fullest. Once you learn to do it, your ability to overcome any obstacle no matter how difficult, no matter the circumstances in life. Your ability to overcome even the most difficult transitions in life gives you a natural charisma, as you seem life look easy.

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You know how to keep your cool in difficult situations, even when everyone else looses their cool, that does not kick you off your course. There are times when situations are meant to be just off the track and there is nothing wrong with setbacks, over time you learn to accept it as a valuable lesson, a lesson that helps you reach your goals.

You know how important it is to let go of everything that does not serve you, with that said I guess I could say you have no problem leaving the past behind. Your drive for new and fresh things in life is far to luring to pass on it by clinging to the things from the past.

You like to engage in areas that involve guiding and teaching people, as their imagination and intelligence serves them well. Of course you do feel disappointed when everything works against you, such is life, but eventually you just make your mind trained so well it sees the benefits rather than negative aspects in every story you are presented. You will always give it all or more to whatever you try in life, for you it is all and more or nothing, and you are not at all tolerant for those who do not do same when working with you. You are well in tune with the idea of working alone rather than have the “lazy lot” on your team.

You make the entire process of life’s lessons and teaching others a one big lifestyle, meaning you always work even when you don’t work, you are always in teaching, preaching or learning mode. But there is another lesson to life you most likely fail as even learning to detach from the world and learn to relax and take time to introspect and be with yourself can prove to become quite a working angle for you.


You are attracted to someone who you see as superior in a way you can learn from them and feel protected by them, and eventually to leap you a step higher on the social ladder than you are. Eventually as you find the one you are ready to settle for, it is someone who you admire and take pride in their success rather than your own. And until than, as you attract your admirers with your charisma and that many times results in quite active love life on different levels.


You start caring for your health early in life as you figure it out quite soon that healthy body leads a path to healthy mind and that lets you have another venture on your hands in teaching healthy lifestyle. You need to be careful though not to turn it into obsession. Same goes in trying to achieve physical perfection. It is a much healthier decision to follow mind&body health through moderate diet and exercise plans and spend your time in nature, reading a book, or with meditation. It is important you keep it all balanced not in obsessive mode.


You thrive in education, as you tend to be very calm in stressful situations, and have a need to teach people. You feel compelled to be involved with society. So humanitarian work related areas will also draw your attention. Your imagination and creativity serves you well with your projects, but you tend to work better alone than in groups.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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