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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 10th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Sun-the individual, with birth stone of Garnet

You have a very honest and realistic assessment of situations. And seeing it so clear, you want other people to have a taste of the “real world” as well. You see the positive outcomes in situations, rather than try and analyze the bits and pieces. Avoid drama for all cost and just go through situations with no-fuss attitude.

You tend to avoid getting in contact with your emotions, as drama really is not part of life’s plan. You tend to just stick to your well designed plans for life path and just deal with situations as they come. Sometimes it is ok to feel vulnerable, as expressing emotions can strengthen your character rather than make it weak. There is less possibilities of uncontrolled emotional outbursts or introverted conflicts if emotions are expressed and discussed.

Keeping emotions to yourself can cross your intentions in more than one way. See knowing what you do want, and leaving the impact on this world with your views on life is only possible if emotional connections are made with your audience at the end of the day. And giving everyone you come across a piece of your realistic harsh truth does not qualify as connecting with people on humane level.

Cut yourself some slack and connect with people, complement their efforts more often, as you make others feel good about themselves and give them acknowledgement for your observations, the more likely they will be impressed by you. You tend to speak the brutal truth despite the circumstances sometimes being vastly against you, but as you are who you are and will never let anyone dictate what you feel is honest and realistic, you will stick for the outmost unlikely person if you would believe it is the right thing to do. And for that many people value your viewpoint.

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Your brutal honesty does serve its purpose in your life, but on the other hand can also leave you in some unpleasant situations, as you simply can not sugarcoat the truth or even try and present it in a more well presentable or pleasant way. So yes on many occasions you do upset people and there is nothing you can do about it, as you do not really have the luxury of escorting words of hope in that straight forward communication of yours.


You are really just a normal person happy at times, and well just realistic about most everything you encounter in life. So being so in sync with the realistic outcomes of life’s situations, you might come across as a bit grumpy sometimes. Although is not really grumpiness itself, is more like that serious outlook on life that makes you be perceived that way.

Despite the way people may see you though, the no-nonsense approach to life you have though as much as it shocks people does also bring positive aspect to problem solving. Respectively in times of uncertainty you do know how to use the words to shed light on situations that people just can not see straight. So there is a gift to your shooting straight forward.

I guess over the years of experiences, and observing the reactions of countless people’s reactions to your brutal straight forward communication, you tend to get a bit more in touch with your sensitivity and emotional expressionism later on in life. However that is only reflected on yourself, as for you it is still extremely hard to empathize with other people and their situations.

It is a rare trait and often for some of you short lived, but over time you do learn to adjust to show affection, even though you do not understand how it can benefit the conflict situations, but it does allow you for an easier conversation with people. And for those of you who do learn to master that ability, you do have a way to earn a lasting loyalty of others.


Trust issues can make you act in a very controlling way, as you have a hard time letting anyone in. You basically try and see the world too realistically even in relationship aspect. But you are not hopeless all the way, as underneath the hard exterior, there is a sensitive, vulnerable, generous and passionate lover. You just need to let go of the strings and try and control all from finances down to pride.


You need to learn to let go and be more flexible, not only in the so called “real world” but also in your body, do not allow it to become all rigid. Now I am not saying the only way to express yourself is to do some extensive jumpy exercises, you can achieve that flexibility with calm yoga or calm stretching, but a sports with a bit more jumpy tempo might get you relax and laughing at the same time. Of course a healthy diet and plenty of fresh air, especially sunshine will do miracle, as you need that touch of emotional light in peace and quiet sometimes.


You are good in painting the picture of realistic view on situations. So organized and factual career paths are close to your comfort. Computer programming or management, maybe something with bit more structure in business, where everything is more straight forward. There are those of you who are drawn to artistic side of the business, and will most likely end up in advertising or promotion. But mostly, you are focused on financial stability of the career part, as it has to be solid and rewarding.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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