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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 5th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Mercury – the communicator, with birth stone of Amethyst

You pay very close attention to your thought pattern. Now if you take that and apply it to your emotions you would have a greater understanding of how to make things happen. You can take the impossible and make it into a possible venture.

Suppressed emotions are everyone’s biggest enemy. It is important you start paying attention and come in contact with your emotions. Start peeling off layer after layer and find how you really feel about things and use it to your advantage.

Knowing what you like and what you don’t like as well as knowing what gets you going and what scares you is how you will know what you wish to chase after in life. Showing your vulnerable side is actually the strength you show on your part, and with that people can relate and connect to you. Allowing them come closer emotionally makes for a more sincere relationship where they make effort to help you when help is needed.

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People respect your quiet confidence and your ability to concur every venture you take on, you operate through tasks with smooth elegance not showing for a second it takes some real effort to show that over-confident presentation, you make it seem so easy. But underneath it all, you are just a normal person with all your fears and doubts, just like everyone else. You just prefer keeping the mask on, for the sake of admiration of others, as well as not wanting to deal with opening up emotionally.

You are incredibly bright and have a smooth tongue. You like surrounding yourself with equally intelligent and talkative people. However you also like to be somewhere nearer to the top of the list, preferably seen in a role of a caretaker or educator to others. Your need to have like-minded people around is also a necessity, as you have a huge appetite for knowledge.

You need to be very careful not to get to entwined into your thought process, as you tend to analyze your thought pattern a lot, sometimes to the point where your curiosity gets to the best of you and you get caught up in your unique ideas, detaching yourself from the world surrounding you. Mind your emotions more than your thinking process, as it will balance your tendency to drift away. You have the passion for philosophy, psychology and mystery, but you are also a good communicator, which allows for better expression of your remarkable mind.

Learn to open up to people, show your vulnerable side, trust more. As you allow others near, your compelling charm and smooth operation can allow for your remarkable potential to excel, and you can swing yourself all the way to the top.


You pair yourself best with equal minded people, but your need to come out at the top has you always on the edge. You do not like to be outsmarted. You like to be the caretaker of the family, but you need to involve emotion, as love and nurturing goes much further than to just be practical, taking care of family, providing, but not emotionally supportive. Get in touch with your emotion for harmony in family life’s sake.


Your inability to open up emotionally can sometimes get you in trouble for no reason, as if real health issues arise you tend to not talk about it until it gets further than it needs to. So try and go for regular check ups rather than just wait until things develop. Stick to the healthy diet and regular schedule of exercise, choose those sports that present challenge to you. Meditation would benefit you tremendously, as in those moments you can make effort to come to touch with yourself and your emotions.


You are kind of a born nurturer, you love to take care of others in a very distant, practical way, but still. And than also your appetite for knowledge does add to your ability to become incredible counsellor, psychologist, counsellor, social worker even educator. But if you are driven more into business waters, your collectiveness at work and smooth operation in any venture will make you great working on managerial position or even working with finances. There are also artistic jobs you might be drawn to such as design, film or writing. Now some of you are ok working in a standard job positions, but most of you just prefer working for yourself, so having your own business is not at all unlikely situation.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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