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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 2nd

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Moon-the intuitive, with birth stone of Amethyst

You have an exquisite taste, an eye for beauty and elegance. But all of that is useless if you can not share it. Nobody sees the artistic side of you if you do not let people near. Do not push them away, open up and accept them, let them in your heart.

Make it your purpose to connect with self so deep, that your self awareness becomes your highest sense. Learn to trust intimacy, as it is your strength more so than weakness. Knowing yourself is the key to knowing others, and letting people in by lowering your guard is not something that can potentially hurt you, it is more potent to help you, as knowing your own reactions can give you a greater control over reactions of others.

You are as unique on the inside as you are on the outside. You have your own style, not only in terms of dress code, but also your behaviour, it radiates elegance and sophistication. You do not like to submit to rules of society, but you do keep the open mind.

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You are a very easy person to love, you get along with everyone, as your personality is soothing and reassuring for people around you. The downside to your sensitive nature is that you will stick to whatever you want to believe in, all the way to the bitter end.

As likeable as you are, you have quite many admirers around you all the time, but you do not tend to open up enough to have close relationships. You prefer to be absorbed in your work, people in your life are kind of closer to the bottom of your list. You just kind of prioritize the bigger picture people don’t really play a big part in, you just love to work on changing the world’s viewpoint by going around the harsh necessity of keeping close relationships, it is easier to convince the masses to follow, with keeping your walls high up.

Despite keeping people out, you still manage to make great changes for the good of others, but again as much as you are involved in your own projects, you tend to spend very little time prioritizing your own family. The bigger picture is more important to you. It is just simply easier to analyze other people’s emotional traumas, than to deal with your own emotions. For that very reason I started with this issue. You need to prioritize your own emotional welfare and dig deep into your issues. Your self-awareness has to grow as it is important for your psychological growth. You need to lower your guards and let people closer.

You are very perceptive and intuitive individual, now if you just learn to apply same level of understanding to yourself as you apply it to understanding the world around you, you have a great potential to be truly inspirational individual.


You are a very romantic soul, you want it to be magical, not just that falling in love moment. Nothing wrong with that, except the expectation to for everything to be perfect places enormous pressure on a partner. Don’t get stuck in dream land with this whole spiritual love idea, you need to be realistic as well. Love is about sharing, complementing and uplifting emotions, it is about celebrating the joyous events and loving and supporting the hardships. It is not always all perfect.


Healthy diet in a very normal way is very important for you. You care about your appearance, sometimes a bit too much. So exercise as well should be taken very seriously, and kept under strict schedule and regime, for your own safety. Do not take things overboard and over-react. As what you do not like about yourself is actually issue of your inner-self not the actual mirror reflection. Meditate and spend time out in the fresh air. Motivate yourself with positive thinking and keep working on yourself inside out, removing emotional issues, as when those issues are identified and addressed, the mirror reflection will change appearance.


You like your unique ways, and an have an eye for beauty. Your unique style is a drive that will push you far in fashion or design. But you would do well with technical work as well, as you tend to work better alone on things that do not involve people. Some of those jobs would be in computer science or engineering. For those who are extremely driven to change the bigger picture, your communicative and persuasive abilities as well as curiosity, will work in your favour in psychology or politics. Your intuition though could prove beneficial in approaching a bit more spiritual side to work such as healing or teaching.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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