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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 27th

The astral sign of Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Aquamarine

Do not be afraid of letting your emotions come to surface, they can not sabotage your existence, you are in charge of your emotions. Understand that the only way to be in control is to know your triggers, so know your emotions, and by knowing your emotions you can let steam off and prevent unwanted reactions.

You have a magnetic personality, making it easy for people to love you, and they do tend to stick around, which makes it simpler for you as you like to be in the spotlight. People admire your confidence and purpose in achieving goals through life, to them it looks almost effortless. You take your time to analyze everything all the way to the core, but you also always keep your mind opened to new ideas and ways.

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You do not leave anything to chances. Your approach is to get to the bottom of everything down to last detail and with that kind of selected knowledge base you are becoming a walking encyclopedia of life experiences that makes you want more on every step, and that drive pushes you from one project to next, reaching for success.

You have got the world figured out inside out. But your own personal life, your emotions, you like to keep that far away from your reach. As much as you learned to control your impersonal relationships and handle them with great precision and success, your personal life is often chaotic and very much impulsive. Do take it upon yourself and make that self-discipline happen, you can not afford to have a childish outburst or unreasonable demand in mids of a very collected relationships with the world. Eventually that gap between outside world and personal life does take its price.

See people really see you for somewhat amazing human being, they look up to you. And you love the attention, which is not a bad thing at all. But to be the best self you can be and to be able to inspire people with honest persona you present you do need to have at least some sort of relationship with yourself, your emotions.


You love when people are committed and loyal and give you emotional support, I mean you just love to see yourself at the receiving end. But in order to have a successful relationship you need to also learn to give in return, or even better to your partner, give unconditionally. You really do tend to have problems with that part of you, so it is to be expected you will have a few conflicts around that topic in any relationship you find yourself in. But in a relationship you really do feel safe and wanted, you do make effort and try your best, even though you are a bit of a high maintenance. But you are passionate and spontaneous, but also even though it may not seem that way, you are emotionally quite vulnerable.


Work out, work out, work out. And with that I mean some quite energetic exercises will go extremely far with keeping your energy at bay, as you do bubble over with energy. Make sure you steer as clear as you can of addictive habits, as your restlessness does tend to lead you that direction. Keeping healthy diet is needless to say important for you, but despite the normal health routines, I will mention again your restless energy. Find a good way to calm down your mind, your body, your spirit, as it will benefit your overall health tremendously. It is very important you have it under control.


You love your spotlight, so it is only obvious you will thrive on stage, acting seems like a perfect match for that. But you do however do well in business setting as well and given the talking and exposure, you would do great in sales or marketing, or entrepreneur.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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