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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 25th

The astral sign of Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the speculator, with birth stone of Aquamarine

You are very self-confident and independent person, with strong sense and need to fix the wrongs and a very selfless approach to everything. Helping everyone around you is your natural being, you often put the needs of society before your own. But despite all the great intentions and ideas to mend the wrongs, you do need to show your planning and strategies result in actions as well, think less do more, actions show true intention.

You are very honest and optimistic person, and can impress others with your desire to do good. You will rarely do anything by yourself, and there is no real appeal to being a leader in your eyes, but the desire to do good is there and you do like to share opinion or advice, you make a great team player. You will take it upon yourself to guide and coach people towards the direction their life can improve, and working with teams or groups, you will dedicate yourself fully to the success of whatever it is you are attempting.

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You may seem like quiet and detached person to the world, but your mind keeps creating ways to push other people’s success to fruition. And you are very observant and have eye for details others miss, which allows you to see things that can really benefit people to achieve their goals.

Now your life is mostly about serving society, as you best know how to and have the motivation for it. But make sure that strength in guidance you posses doesn’t turn into your weakness. People have own free will and sometimes helping others may prove harder than it seems at first glance, and they may not be as receptive of your help as you expect. Do not take such reactions as failures, as the tendency you will do so is quite high. And if that happens you kind of loose your footing on the firm ground and become negative about it.

Later on in life you do become more confident in what you do and allow yourself to come forth and speak more potently about your intentions and plans. But you can only take this much attention on yourself, so eventually you seek the calm and peaceful place for yourself to live in and just focus on trying to help as many as you can without ever trying to take credit for it.


You are distanced when it comes to affairs of the heart, you do not want to jump into any premature relationship that may leave you hurt. It is important for you to feel the passion and excitement and feel you receive as well as give in a relationship you commit to. Not everyone can share the level of emotional connection you desire, but once there is a chance to get it accept it and enjoy the intimacy of the connection.


Your mind is always active, and you spend much time in your head for that very reason. And as much as your discipline to keep focused on your intentions benefits your over all outcomes, it does tend to mess up your health routines. Starting plenty of sleep will allow the body to quiet your mind for long enough to rest, but than you need to also make sure your physical body is up to the task with plenty of simple everyday exercises, such as walks or cycling in nature, and with it get plenty of fresh air. It does also benefit your mind, as the nature relaxes and distracts your mind. Of course diet is important as well, so make sure it is nutritious as well as light enough to keep you energized.


Your dedication to help society at same time draws you in and makes you successful in careers as life coach, teacher, counsellor, psychologist or mentors. But than your observance and way you see life does also make you good writer or artist. You also make good spiritualists as your sensitivity and the need to help blend well together.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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