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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 20th

The astral sign of Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Aquamarine

With your appealing personality and easy charm you are sure to stand out in the social scene, and are often very well accepted among people as you can very well tune into moods of others and adjust your reactions. You are also highly ambitious and with your intuitive feel for the right steps to the top success is on your path. Even though your smooth sailing with your diplomatic approach sometimes makes you appear superficial, your intelligence behind the perception quite quickly changes people’s opinion.

The ability to tune into peoples emotions more often than not does get to you, and you are compelled to help, but you take it to a whole other level, level where you kind of tend to forget about yourself. And that is one of the biggest lessons you will need to learn, you need to put self first, care for your needs first, after all you can not serve from an empty platter right. Take time for yourself and nourish your mind and body, the better you feel more chances you have in attracting the life you desire.

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You are also a compassionate person, but that can sometimes backfire, as you can tune into people’s emotions so well, you have a hard time distinguishing between what is your and what is their emotion. Your ability to connect their situations with yours to bring the understanding closer to them is a way you bring people help they need but also loose yourself in their situation and with that ability to see your situation clear.

You need to learn to control to be on top of your emotions if you connect to people, diving too deep may cost you your own identity and ability to climb out of the situation you were trying to resolve. It is easy to look at it from outside the problem, and much harder to do same once you are deep in the situation you do not even understand, just pick up the emotions that are already heightened.

Later on in life you do learn to be more self-aware and protect yourself from picking up emotions all around you. Now do keep in mind that there are ways to misuse this intuitive perception and with doing so you may step on some people’s paths and leave them behind hurt. Using it for reaching your goals is great, as long as you keep in mind you need to be compassionate in dealing with people, don’t go for all or nothing, there is great love for you in people if you learn how to combine your chase after your success and keeping people on your way happy as well.

Not everyone born on this day will be able to remain true to own principles, and is ok, as long as you stay within your ability to respect others on your way to reaching your goals. But those who do turn on this path, those of you have the opportunity to make huge changes in people’s lives. And you do not like to sit on the sidelines either, because you are driven to change and improve and well need to climb right to the top of what you need to do and leave the mark. But is often you do not realize that just by being who you are, you already make great difference, just your presence makes people feel better.


You definitely need a partner who can understand your sensitivity and will be very loving and observant to your needs, as you need affection and attention. Your compassionate nature makes you very understanding and passionate lover, and you like to think relationship as such has to always be perfect, so make sure you keep your feet on the ground, nothing is ever perfect, people do have faults and the sooner you accept that, easier relationship will be for you.


Avoid addictive habits such as drugs, alcohol and even comfort eating. When things get rough and turn into anxiety and stress and sometimes depression, try and have a trigger in place to sail through it with meditation. Keep in good shape with moderate exercise and healthy diet, but do get plenty of sleep on top of that. It is essential you feel comfortable in your skin and are well rested to avoid any potential damaging behaviour tendencies.


You have a gift to care for people, which would make you a great medical worker, any field in medicine that is or holistic healing would also be along those lines if you do not see yourself in classical field of helping people. But your tendency to pull yourself on top of things and push in front of everything will also make you a great entertainer or musician or even dancer, you just like the audience.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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