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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 19th

The astral sign of Aquarius&Pisces, ruled by the planet Uranus – the visionary&Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Amethyst&Aquamarine

It is very important for you to stay persistent when you do things, not finishing the job does not at all look good on you when it comes to other people. Nobody likes things unfinished especially when they are counting on you being responsible to your part of the work. Knowing what role you see yourself in is important, so who are you, a looser or a leader?

Obviously there are no rules to life. And you know that very well. You hate people telling you how to do live, how to learn. You have your own mind and you are using it. Parents telling you how to do things goes bad fairly quickly, you become a rebel, and will go against their word for the sake of doing it. You want your mistakes to be yours and that is fine. And on the second note, that rebellious behaviour might kick off on traveling a lot as well, which is all about meeting new people and allowing you to experience some of the most amazing growth situations.

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You are a very independent spirit, you do things your way in everything you do. You like to do things alone, as you believe nobody can really do things as you do them, not in terms of not being able to do it but not having the same vision as you have. And overall you are committed to success, you do want people to see your whole vision and admire it, but the simplest things, like if someone intervenes and spoils your drive can cause you to back off and just walk away. Keep the spirit up and set off that rebellious person inside to stubbornly finish your vision despite people wanting to intervene.

You are all over the place a lot, quite literally, constantly traveling, moving, or just driving range, but you love diversity and movement. It inspires you, and you make yourself known wherever you go. Your lifestyle is one of absolute movement in everything, sometimes to the point where you come across as irresponsible and reckless, even selfish at times.

Later on in life your ambitions become more apparent to you and your idea to bring things to life for others to admire becomes more steadily and responsibly chased about. This is also the time where the naturally scattered you should find focus and aim that energy to projects and ventures in life you set out to do, and stick to finishing it. Obviously there are countless opportunities lurking from every angle, as you know where to find them, but you should keep your head grounded and know how to focus on projects and make them happen. The selfish behaviour should take a back sit for some of the ventures you jump into, or you will be experiencing setbacks or rejections. And I know your mind only sees the upside to everything, but knowing that it may save you energy and time may be a good advice to take up.


Your vulnerability and excitement is a fresh breeze you mesmerise people with, and that attractive sexy mixture is what keeps numerous admirers at your feet. Although it does take some time for you to tune down on that appetite for adventure and longing for independence, but once it happens, and you find that special someone who knocks you off your feet you are quite easy to fall in love, and u are also easy to fall in love with as you are one of those lovable people who everyone wants, and you make a great partner.


You free-spirit refuse anything that anyone says is supposedly good for you, the rebel in you just wont allow you to follow it. But non the less you need to be vary of what you put in your body. Try not to drink too much sugar infused drinks and coffee, as that definitely is not good for you who loves to skip on water a lot, and it brings your high energy levels to even higher which makes you anxious. Needless to say you do need to figure out, obviously your own way towards exercising, so your body can keep up to your restless energy. But at the end of the day, mind plays a huge part in your life, as you are in your head a lot, so learn to calm down and get plenty of sleep, so the entire body & mind system can find its balance.


Movement and different lifestyle from the boring normal routine stuff is what you aim for. You would enjoy working as environmentalist or artist or acting, also sales or promotions, or exploring. As long as it is different and has the freedom and constant novelty, you are good to go.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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