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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 17th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the teacher, with birth stone of Amethyst

Pursuing your goals is an important thing and also motivation and self-discipline worth the admiration, and just so happens you are great at it. But there is a need for balance in both personal and career aspect of life, so applying some of that motivation and self-discipline in attempt to pursue your happiness in personal area of life will allow for a lot happier over all life.

Your determination and ambition makes you appear invincible, you know where you want to go and with your self-discipline you definitely have the ability to reach your goal in a very organized and successful manner.

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Your tough exterior and extraordinary ability to do everything you set out to do in very timely manner makes you look kind of like a superhuman, and people like that about you. But do not understand their admiration for your success as winning their love for you. Especially as people also admire your honesty and ability to be true to your beliefs,  and it means there is still a great deal you need to allow them to see for them to be close and emotionally connected to you. Put some effort towards connecting to people and opening up, it will make your life a lot more comfortable and emotionally fulfilling as well.

But than your fear of letting people in has a reason, as under that tough and in control exterior there is a sensitive soul that can easily get hurt as you take harsh words very personally and criticism is not something you can handle, as that tough exterior is something that was building up since your childhood to protect self from the world of haters and negative people. And if you do not willingly open up, there is virtually impossible to get through your defensive walls. And with all honesty, try and find those few gems in the crowd and open up to them, as if you don’t there is a great risk of becoming emotionally detached from even yourself, and I think it is needless to say that is a bad thing.

When you set out to reach your goal you are incredibly focused. There is no two seconds wasted on anything that might hinder your path to the goal you set for yourself. Which on the positive note is an absolute success story, but than on the downside, relationships may be ignored, or even pushed away. You have the flexibility to learn different ways of doing things, and if you replace that tunnel-vision with a wast playing field and allow personal happiness to exist on that playing field adjusted to not distract your professional world, life becomes much more meaningful for you.

You are able to achieve such level of self-mastery many can only aspire to reach, and with knowing what you are good at and aim to reach the goal you set, well nothing can stop you on the way to remarkable results. However learn to apply same focus and drive to personal happiness as well, as that is one thing you need to be emotionally complete.


You have a hard time opening up to a close relationship, and if you really want happiness in partnership, you really need to figure out a way to trust and let people close to you. People are attracted to you and your personality and there is no lack of admirers to choose from. You are the only person standing in your way. You will eventually warm up to a partner who will encourage you to open up and allow the love to flow, and once you do, you are loyal and caring partner.


Your tunnel-vision approach to things does not end with professional aspect of life, you intensively apply it to your physical world just the same, so it is needless to say your strict focus on healthy diet and necessary exercise is there. In ways to the point where you need to make sure you do not over-do it, make sure you mind your body’s endurance. But as you always do put your professional life first there is a danger to put your health aside and neglect it for the purposes of reaching the goal, which can result in exhaustion and burning out. So do make sure your self-discipline takes the centre stage and allow self to follow healthy schedule with plenty of rest and light diet, but also take time to relax your mind with technique you feel closest to.


You thrive in careers that demand self-discipline and focus, which makes you perfect for career in writing, or science, or with your incredible stamina and focus on goal it would make you a great athlete. However if you are focused more on staying your own boss, that would also be a great way to go about work as well, as there is not really many things you can not do, in fact whatever you set your mind to you will most definitely be successful in it.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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