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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 11th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Amethyst

Everyone messes up every now and than, it is not only human thing to do, it is an important learning experience, it is part of life, and yet you criticize your mistakes so harshly. Learn to experiment with what you get, learn from your mistakes, find improvements in them, make every mistake count.

Your do not tolerate mistakes in self or others. You demand perfection and the know it all attitude, as such is the front you present as well. Well not everyone does things same way, and sometimes you should take someone else’s advice on doing things, and if you are not capable of doing so, at least let them move along their path to show their own solutions to you. It is everyone’s learning process, as much as you do not like to admit it, but mistakes are part of everyone’s everyday learning cycle.

Admitting that sometimes you just do not have the answer is a sign of strength not of weakness, it will show people you are opened and willing to learn with them. It is understandable that you with to improve lives of those around you, as it is your purpose here, and because of that your firm front will not easily submit and admit that not everything is aligned underneath and that sometimes you do not have the answer, but for you to improve people’s lives you will need people to learn from you rather than do it for them.

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You have a talent for new inventions, as you see things a bit differently, and that draws people in, and with your energy and drive you could do much to improve their lives. You believe that people are always in a need of upgrade, so why not use your own belief and run with it, and let them learn from you.

Your heart is really in the right place, as you do not do things for recognition or even material wealth. You genuinely are trying to find ways to improve the life quality for everyone around you, as you believe that if there was less stress and discomfort in people’s lives, they could dedicate their time to more potential and meaningful things that would serve their growth, not only of physical world but spiritual as well.

You are a people pleaser in a way, you love to make people feel good about themselves, but you do know how to lead by example as well, so why not take that and combine it and just allow people to run with it instead of doing it for them. It is understandable that your curious mind demands a constant intellectual stimulation and they too come in different ways, if only you allow yourself to observe some before you apply your knowledge to things.

Do not however take it to personally if you are rejected or better said, your help is rejected, as even though you see yourself as educator or guide to people, not everyone is opened to your help. And try not to force your help on people, as not everyone appreciates the kind of treatment. And that is ok. And you should very well be aware of it as you do not like other people point out your weaknesses as well.

It is important you find your inner voice in these things, or maybe develop intuition and sensitivity for other people, as it will help you navigate through wishes and wants of people you intend to help. Learn your diplomatic stance in the situations you wish to guide people through and find the balance in who to help and who to listen and let be. It will make your life a lot easier and will help you not to waste your energy in the wrong direction.


You are a firm believer in loyalty and trust, without it you do not believe in relationship of any kind. You also value your freedom and have an appetite for intellectual stimulation, which is a must in the relationship, but for that very reason you will probably be drawn to very unusual individuals with quite a story and lifestyle of their own. You are a passionate and gentle lover, but also a strong support system to your partner or people you love.


You do not take well rejections and people not agreeing with your point of view, which can cause a great amount of stress accumulating. Surrounding yourself with family or partner who supports and knows how to keep you away from those thoughts is a great thing especially for your health. Do not indulge yourself in rich food to much as you are very quick to fall into the food obsession, rather keep it at healthy diet and moderate exercise routine. Here too you might be better off if you had a strong support system reminding you of how important it is for you to eat and exercise well, as it will help you maintain a healthy mind as well. Remember it is all connected.


You will most likely be part of some education system, as you are just drawn to it. Even if you find self in some other paths such as computer programming or inventions, maybe business advisor or specialist of some kind, you most likely will strive to teach people what you know best. It is possible you get drawn to more humanitarian path as well or even spirituality, as you love to get involved in people’s lives and try and change their world for the better.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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