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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 2nd

The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter – the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Turquoise

You are such a dynamic and diverse character, with a commanding need for attention. You wear your emotions on the sleeve, and tend to always have the entire spectrum of your ever-changing emotions on display for everyone to see. On the other hand your emotional honesty and unique energy for that matter, is a very refreshing thing to add into the social mix. You are driven and determined individual who always makes and excellent leader and a wonderful inspiration to friends, family and also co-workers.

You have a quite dramatic effect on people, you could make it quite a life changing experience though if you learned to balance your directness with a little sense of what your emotions are telling you in different situations, making a step back and just examine your emotional expressions – if you pay attention to it you will figure out the pattern in your approach.

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You most likely were quite a wild child in your younger years, jumping into situations, exploring what life has to offer, expanding your horizons in many different directions. Later on as you hit maturity a bit more, you definitely take on more opportunities to become more structured , practical, especially more goal-oriented and definitely more realistic in approach to life.


Keep in mind the changes you experience in moderation to become more structured and focused are actually very productive for your future. As if you don’t and get stuck in constant changes of direction, you may experience quite a confusion often infused with doubts and uncertainty. In your later years you begin to experience a growing need for more independence and a need to give back to society.

Overall you are a very charismatic individual with a great ability to solve problems, and looking for deeper meaning or patterns to life. You are sensitive to to your surroundings, it may however not always be visible from your confident front. The ability to connect to your sensitivity will not only help you intuitively know the answer to dilemmas around you, but will also give you the chance to understand and take charge of the constantly changing and confusing emotions.


Although you are often surrounded by admirers, you are not really the best flirt. You will however be unaffected by constant admirers when in a committed relationship. You could say there are multiple sides to your personality, and a potential partner will definitely have some adjusting to do, especially to your ever-changing moods. Life may take you through quite a selection of partners before you find the one person you can really connect to on a deep level, but once you find that special someone, you make a loyal and loving partner.


As far as your diet is concerned, you would definitely benefit from spending more time carefully planning your menu and meal plans. Making sure your diet consists of healthy and nutritional fresh food and is well supplied with sufficient vitamins and minerals to support hormonal balance and boost immune system. Adding regular daily exercise will help your metabolism to keep a smooth function and will also help keep your body in good shape, with well fluent energy. Relaxing techniques will benefit your everyday, and reading and learning about spirituality and its discipline will help you master different techniques. For a greater relaxation to be able to calm your mind and life’s pace music is the answer for you.


Scientist, artist, performer, educator, sales person, publisher, writer, these are all careers you find very rewarding. If you can find a way to contribute to society, you find the potential to achieve personal happiness. Sometimes the need for that fulfillment takes you to leisure industries as well.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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