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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 29th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn – the teacher, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Garnet

You are often in great demand because you are extremely confident, responsible and adaptable. You also relish opportunities to assist or enlighten others. You are not overly ambitious, but because you have a great sense of timing, you will often find yourself in positions of responsibility.

Although you can be quite laid back, you are willing to work hard for what you want. You are also willing to work hard to help others get what they want as well. However, while this proneness to help others may endear you to others, you need to be careful not to take on too much. Your greatest strength is your facility for commanding or controlling people and situations without appearing domineering, and partially the reason you can do this so successfully is that you have excellent communication skills.

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In a broader view you can come across as serious or deadpan at times, but the more time people spend with you, the more you begin to appreciate wonderful sense of irony and dry humour. Given the ability you can hypnotize audiences with your intelligent choices of world and wickedly perceptive observations, realizing that humour can get your message across strongly and effectively without others feeling offended or criticized.

After your teenage years you become less influenced by rules and traditions and more willing to develop your own unique perspective. Later on in life you feel the emphasis on your emotional life, reflected in dreams and an intuitive understanding of others. Whatever age you are at though, the key to your success is actually to stop living in the past and stop doubting yourself, because you are bursting with creativity and have all the talent you need to make pioneering innovations that can advance knowledge or prosperity in some way. In short, you have the potential, all you need to do is, step into your shoes, shake off any pessimism and negativity, and become the great leader or pioneer you are destined to be.


You have a strong need for companionship, and the choice of your ideal partner will be someone who is successful and creative, like yourself. Once you commit to a relationship, you understand the importance of keeping a work-life balance, but you need to make sure you keep the spirit of passion and romance alive by staying as spontaneous as you can.


When thinking about your health, you should consider exercise as something that should be your daily routine, important to maintain the overall good shape to aid the overall health of the body. You should make effort to stay away from recreational drugs or any other addictive substances, and keep regular doctor’s checkups in place, to be on top of every potential health change. When it comes to diet, you should really consider finding proper healthy, nutritious, fresh foods to introduce into your daily menu, as it will greatly improve your mood as well as bodily health, which will definitely help your body to release stress and overwhelming residual energy. In overall retrospect, it will help your immune system to kick in and prevent any negative aspect to clutter the health of your body.


You are very well suited for offering guidance and support to people. So careers in teaching or politics are quite well fitted for you. You thrive in careers where you can advance your knowledge in some way, for example science or engineering. But than you may also find yourself drawn to other careers such as lecturing, research, communication, technology, interpreting, translation, music, acting, poetry.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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