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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 28th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn – the teacher, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Garnet

You tend to impress others greatly with your energy and clear sense of direction. You are a shining example of calmness, self-assurance and dependability to whom people often turn for support or advice during a crisis. And that support is typically given without hesitation.

The image you tend to present to the world is one of capability and sophistication, but your competent exterior can often mask your intense search for a deeper and more fulfilling meaning to your life. Your charismatic presence can have both a positive and a negative effect on you. Positive in the way you gain enormous satisfaction from helping or motivating others. Negative, in the sense where your concern for wellbeing of others may often cause you to neglect your own needs. Your career, or having family, will often give you a way of uniting these external and internal orientations with outstanding results, so you don’t constantly feel torn between the two.

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You have the ability to inspire confidence and even awe in those around you, by means of your incredible perception, compassion and real desire to help others progress. You would be almost perfect if it were not for the fact that you find it incredibly hard to deal with rejection and instead of flighting back, will often slump into depression, bouts of uncertainty or confusion. You can also often give the impression that you have all the answers, which is of course not the case. This overconfidence can alienate even those who previously championed you.

Once you grow out of your teenage years you become less concerned about the image you are presenting to the world and put more emphasis on expressing your individuality. You should take advantage of life’s opportunities at this stage, as once you recognize that personal fulfillment in self-expression and in being of service to others, you will unlock your potential to be shining and inspirational examples to others.


You are too serious to be a flirt, but all the same you will often find yourself surrounded by admirers. You tend to be attracted to sophisticated and intelligent individuals, kind of like yourself. But might actually fare better with someone who can introduce some excitement and adventure into your life.


Music can be quite an intense moral booster when life knocks you down. Keeping the company of someone, even if that means pets is quite beneficial for your emotional state. As far as diet goes, you should aim for as much variety in foods as you can, rather than stick to the same meal plans. Eat as many healthy and nutritious foods as you can, and add vitamins and minerals to your diet to enhance the balancing of your hormones and with that aiding in strengthening your immune system. Also keeping a daily exercise routine will help you keep your body in good shape, and will help the overall health as well. Challenge yourself and enhance different aspects of life.


You are often attracted to fields where you can help, guide, enlighten, or delight others. You may choose careers in arts, media, fashion, communication, spiritual ventures. Other possible careers include teaching, writing, acting, singing, journalism, social reform, healing and also caring professions.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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