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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 27th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn – the teacher, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Garnet

You may give the impression of being sturdy and strong on the outside, but on the inside you have a heart of pure gold. Although you an be stubborn at times, your life’s givers, not takers. There is also a heroic side to you, and you will be the first to rush to offer your support or help when someone is in trouble.

You set incredibly noble standards for yourself and are giving to the point of self-sacrifice. You pride yourself on being kind, thoughtful and compassionate human being, who will always do the right thing or offer your support if it is needed. However, because your goodwill makes it hard for you to refuse any request, you may become overburdened with problems that aren’t your own. Your generosity and good-natured charm may win you many admirers, but underneath you can often be plagued by self-doubts and silent frustration. Part of the reason for your insecurity is that you can feel torn between your strong feelings of personal responsibility and the need for time and space to pursue your own interests.


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In your earlier years you often have a very goal-oriented and practical approach to life, which later on succumbs to presented opportunities with emphasis on your individuality. It is important you take advantage of these opportunities, because only when you are able to reconcile your desire to help others with your desire to find personal fulfillment, will you finally unlock the remarkable potential you harbour inside.

For some people around you it is very unsettling to see you becoming more independent, but it is absolutely crucial you don’t allow this to unsettle you. You only have to make the effort to strike out on your own and pay attention to what you want to achieve in life in order to rise to the top of your career, and achieve long-lasting success while maintaining the respect and affection of people around you.


When it comes to affairs of heart, you may be drawn to wild, unconventional and sometimes selfish characters, but you are happiest with a partner who can offer you security, affection ad support. You need to be careful that you don’t become too dependent in your romantic affairs, and to take as much as you give.


You need to think of emotional health first when addressing overall health. Your lack of self-esteem can cause you to suffer from anxiety, worry or even depression. You can definitely find support in counselling. But you should also look into proper diet to avoid causing the body more stress with overwhelming it with inappropriate foods. Make sure your diet is low on sugar and salt, and ensure you eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A regular daily exercise will also help keep your metabolism going and your bowels strong. Considering it will keep your body in good shape it will also contribute to your self-esteem.


You are a multi-talented individual, so in saying that, it does not matter what career you choose, you will likely make extremely valuable contributions to the field you end up in. You may however be drawn to careers in teaching, nursing, medicine, caring profession, public, relations, human resources, counselling, emergency services, leisure and beauty industries, sports, even writing or performing arts. Choose a field and career and sore to the highest position.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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