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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 17th

The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter – the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the teacher, with birth stone of Turquoise

You tend to just say what you mean and obviously expect others to do the same. You measure success in concrete terms. And you are also a practical realist. You garner a good deal of responsibility and reputation for honesty and hard work.

You have the courage and vitality to achieve almost any goal you set for yourself. You are a doer rather than a thinker. What interests you are facts, results and actions, you do not do dreams, debates or theories. Your every move is focused on what can be achieved or produced right here and now. And this ability to focus that profoundly means you can achieve spectacular results.

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Although your friends and family really value your sincerity and steady temperament of yours, from your perspective, social involvement with people can be quite confusing and difficult for you. Your organizational skills mean that you are excellent at keeping in touch with old friends, however to have a more intimate relationship proves to be a bit more complicated for you, mostly because you simply do not understand how important the small talk and sense of humour are for reaching out to people and getting them to be comfortable in conversation. You would benefit from being a bit less serious and recognize that emotions sometimes can’t be explained or categorized.

In your earlier years there is an emphasis on practical issues and a need for order and structure.Your tendency to be pragmatic and realistic is already existent, so it is important you don’t become too materialistic. Later on in life you may want to have more freedom to experiment in your approach to life. This desire may feel a bit disorienting at first, but ultimately you will find this challenge of emphasis liberating.

Above all the key to your success and happiness will be your ability to introduce a spiritual dimension into your life. After all this does give you the sense of certainty, truth, order, and wonder that you have always been seeking for.


You are sensual individual who thrives in the company of intelligent and enterprising people like yourself. You are also definitely not short of friends. You believe in long term relationships and seek someone who you can trust and settle down with. But to ensure success in your relationship as well as your life, you need to inject some spontaneity and romance into your approaches.


When it comes to your health, your diet is the area that needs some changing. You need to especially pay attention to salt, alcohol and caffeine, and make effort to avoid it. Rather drink plenty of water and get plenty of fresh air and proper daily exercise to keep your body light and detoxed. Sticking to fresh, nutritious foods will maintain your energy levels and adding vitamins and minerals to your diet will help your hormones stay balanced and the overall good nutrition and exercise will help your immune system to stay strong. At the end of the day though the most important thing for you when it comes to your overall health is to get lots of quality sleep on daily basis. To help support that you need to adjust your daily routine to have some fresh air every day to relax your mind and get plenty of oxygen.


Your list of careers you may be attracted to goes somewhat like this; management, business, retail, commerce, administration, sales, education, writing, science, research. There is also this artistic side to you that may draw you into music or other creative pursuits.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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