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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 13th

The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter – the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Turquoise

No matter what you do you always bring resourcefulness, tenacity, confidence, precise and thoughtful attention to the smallest details. Your long term potential for professional and personal success is great, however your careful and time-consuming approach can become over-cautious and hesitant, which can unfortunately end up in disillusionment.

You are incredibly observant and perceptive when it comes to people around you. That same thing can not be said when it comes to yourself though, as you tend to lack awareness and may as well not at all realize that you have some quite erratic habits that not only irritate others but also stop you from working as efficiently as you might like.

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You also have quite an issue in understanding and knowing when to back of when an argument arises, you will just keep going and continuing in your case over and over again, even when the point has already been made. You will just keep bringing up your case over and over again in a sense of hurt. And in addition to that you also have a habit of procrastinating when something important needs to be done, which also makes your life much harder than it needs to be.

In your earlier years people may feel a need for a practical and realistic approach to achieving your goals, these are also times when you need to be especially careful not to focus so much on the details that will make you loose sight of the bigger picture. Later on in life you divert your attention to the need of expressing your individuality. And this can be incredibly liberating time for you, as you find you can finally start putting your mark on the success you have already built up for yourself.

No matter what age or stage you are in life, you need to guard yourself against becoming too exacting and even finicky. Especially since when you are able to step back and look at the impressive picture you are painting with your life, you will realize that you have both a lot to be grateful for and a lot to look forward to in life.


You have a passionate side to you, and when it is first unleashed in a relationship you feel liberated and of course the result will be in your partner cherishing your passionate attention. You do however need to resist the tendency to put your partner on a pedestal, but than wear them down with constant criticism and nitpicking. That is just horrible. Once you allow yourself to understand nobody’s perfect, you will get your priorities straight and place love at the very top of the list.


As far as health and your diet is concerned, you really need to try and cut down on the amount of caffeine and sugar injection on daily basis. Being sensitive to emotional changes, both caffeine and sugar can contribute to anxiety, but than also on the level of blood sugar fluctuations as well. Maybe try rather changing them for some fruit or vegetables. Adding regular, moderate, daily exercise to your lifestyle will help reduce the anxiety levels and boost your feeling of wellbeing. Also as work is extremely important in your to you, you may find you prefer mingling with people at work, but would encourage you to step out of that focus zone and try and expand your social circle with people that are around you outside your work environment. You will find it much more fulfilling and satisfying.


Careers you may most likely find most interested to you would be editing, restorations, museum work, art, writing, decorating, archaeology, computer programming, etc. mainly any work that will involve attention to detail, patience, and also travel if possibility arises, as it will present plenty of variety for your curious and ever changing mind. As long as your career is a mental challenge for you, you will find it also is a great potential for success.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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