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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 9th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Ruby

You are a very focused and determined achiever. Your approach is very dynamic and authoritative and for that reason people tend to look to you for guidance, and since you are very patient and hands-on motivator to everyone who want to learn, you can inspire masses of people.

You really enjoy giving advice to people, and you also feel qualified to do so, which is not too far off in a way, as you do have the ability to pay attention to different situations in detail and know how to handle yourself and have a great understanding of human psyche as well, to give the best guidance possible. So in a way being a role model or a mentor is quite up your alley.

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You have an in depth understanding of what motivates people. There is a real wealth of fresh ideas that can improve their situation and help them enjoy their life more, and you take it upon yourself to help them adapt to the way of life you are presenting for them.

Now with all the attention you give to people, you also have a need for a positive feedback as well. You do not really take it well if you are ignored. You prefer people that seek your guidance and follow your every advice. But in terms of your own psychological growth, you would benefit from taking your own advice and not condition the results of your advice to others with becoming dependent on you. After all the result you wish to inflict to the ones you help is for them to become more self-reliant, and that is only possible if you as well let go when letting go is needed. Controlling people defies your wanted end result.

In general review of what your best improvement would be, I would say if you let go of the tendency to control the outcomes of people and rather listen and observe how they perceive your advice and how they proceed with it, you will find valuable pointers as to how better point them in the directions they want to go in – with that your efficiency in counselling others will rise to the optimum level.


You have no problem attracting admirers, after all you are really know how to inspire and improve people’s lives. But that tendency to do so can also backfire and make you quite a controlling person when it comes to relationships. So it would be in your best interest if you refrain from telling people what to do vs. advising what to do instead, and allow them to make their own mistakes – and that goes mostly for relationship proximity, as the rest of the lot will steer clear when you get too controlling, in relationship however the proximity is inevitable. Your intentions are obviously always good, so I am not saying you are trying to do the wrong thing, is more along the feeling of having freedom to do things one wants to do and learn from using advice and making mistakes in order to best use it.


In health department it is very important to take your own advice and put your health in the spotlight. So make sure you address your feeding habits and inhabit a good diet that will serve your purpose and figure out the balance in healthy fresh foods vs. vitamin additives in order to best match the balanced hormonal levels. The sooner you find the right routine the better it works out for you in later years. However diet is only 50% of healthy routine you would like to have established. The other 50% is your exercise routine, which will complement your diet routine with keeping your bowels healthy and your immune system in great shape. You do not have to overreact with exercise either, all you need is a daily hour out in fresh air maybe jogging or longer walk in the park. It will also benefit your mental state, as you can regroup your thoughts and declutter and relax when needed.


You fit well in careers where you can just do what your passion is, so guiding, counselling, inspiring people. So careers in teaching, counselling, lecturing, or any career where you can influence people’s lifestyle and path will be a great success for you. You may also consider a bit more structured influence such as politics or public relations careers. But given your flexibility and ideas you can project on people, the world of entertainment may also fit your career needs as you can well establish your imagination and creativity in that retrospect.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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