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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 7th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the speculator, with birth stone of Ruby

You are very secretive by nature. I guess I could say you have a multi level personality. You are very reluctant with allowing people to see your true potential or true personality. That secrecy does serve positive as well as negative surprises to people around you. Quiet about self but vocal with the insight about other people, which can be both positive or negative surprise to people.

As secretive as you are, you also love the secrets and mysteries of life. You mirror your own attraction. And it goes quite beyond that, you love to read the mystery stories, detective stories, uncover secrets. Everything you do is in a way absorbed into your personality and it makes you mysteriously attractive. But in all sincerity it is really hard to get to know you, even though you are very sociable, you still prefer keeping your emotions private and tend to retreat your thoughts in the fantasy world. Sharing is just not really your thing.

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This tendency of running into your fantasy world can make you quite antisocial. But in the long run you do find a way to balance your demeanour and present your front with very confident and collected front, even extrovert personality, while on the inside you still tend to resort to your hidden fantasy world.

From your early age you have increased need to be more practical in your existence. In all the years to dedicate your thoughts to analyzing things and constantly looking for ways, imagining how to restructure and improve your life. But to fully do so, you will also need to really commit to avoid becoming too fixated on some comfortable routine that will not challenge you enough and prevent you from making some great changes towards your ideal, and with that prevent you from reaching your full potential.


When looking for your perfect person to spend a life with them, you need to really primarily focus on finding someone who will really boost your energy and challenge you, really focus on that, so on the way you can really avoid the ones that would drain you of your amazing outgoing front, and allow for your fantasy world to expand and grow with ideas. As you have a hard time expressing your emotions, that person should also know how to get under your skin. It does help a lot if you also surround yourself with trustworthy close family and friends, those who support your new found love and help you learn how to express yourself and open up sooner.


When it comes to health everything starts and ends with your emotional balance. But starting from the foundation, it is very important for you to find your perfect balanced healthy diet rich in variety of foods, with added vitamins and minerals that will help keep your hormones in good balance. This very thing is extremely important for you, especially for your emotional wellbeing. Also adding to your daily routine exercise would be a great plus, as it will help you keep your immune system and body in good shape. Which again is extremely important for your overall mental health. And at this point to address your main issue with your anxiety and depression tendencies, they really do come from your inability to express your emotions. And with having a counselling support or even as small gesture as a family member or a friend you trust to try and express yourself or just to receive a simple hug would make a world of a difference.


Your biggest fear in expressing yourself is probably being judged, so to be as free and successful in the venture of doing something you find worth your time and energy you need to feel safe within your expression and love for the area you want to work in. So careers you may be most driven to would be along the lines of writing, acting, creating artistically in art, music or creative movement-dancing. But there is also a possibility you will want to enter law or detective work, given your love for mystery and detective stories.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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