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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on August 4th

The astral sign of Leo, ruled by the planet Sun – the individual, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Ruby

You are a free spirit, in love with the unknown. The exhilaration of discovering new things is what gets you going. You don’t like being shackled in the rules of society, and will try and defy or just simply be different down to dress code you adapt.

You are strong-willed, that nobody can take away from you, but you are also compassionate and intelligent. If you make effort to channel your energies positively, you have the ability to enlighten and inspire people coming your way. However people do need to be vary of not crossing your freedom boundaries. You hold one thing very precious to your heart, and that is your freedom and nobody should challenge it.

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People come to you not always to nag and drag you down, most likely they get inspired by you and want to return the favour and help you, and yet you are not really keen on it, because you for some reason do not trust people. You see the bad in everyone, rarely allowing yourself to see the good although the result of your presence is most of the time improvement of other people’s lives. And that mistrust can most definitely make you a lonely person.

You really need to learn the art of diplomacy and compromise, which will gain you the upper hand in situations and make your life easier. And with distinguishing between independence and self-sabotage, you will become much more responsible and reliable, or at least that would be the perception of you to the outside world at that point.


You can be quite opinionated when it comes to matters of your heart, and that goes for intimate relationships as well as friendships. And on top of it you kind of come across as if you do not know what you want. You crave friendships, love and support, and yet have a love and hate relationship with the idea of getting so close to people. However partnerships are very important to you and in loving relationship you are very attracted to people you can share some sort of intellectual activity with. That way you do not get bored to quickly.


Pilling up emotions is kind of like a ticking time bomb, you know it has to go off but when, nobody knows yet. To express them is very important. Diet and exercise is extremely important to you, but it has no meaning until you understand your balance between the two. Relaxation exercises as well as trouble shooting will help you get your life back on track.


You are prone to thrive in any direction you choose, and with your diversity you are aiming into art, education or even sports, after all you would really thrive in careers where you need to deal with people. You are suited for the leadership positions, as you need the freedom in work environment. You may like real estate or banking, even stock market. However for those who give more emphasis on helping people, you are quite fit for work in health professions, or community work.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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